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sleep deprivation

Discussion in 'Midnight Owl' started by lost_soul, May 22, 2007.

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  1. lost_soul

    lost_soul Staff Alumni

    i need sleep. it just will not come. two hours here, three hours there. that's it. i can't sleep any longer than that. even with sleeping pills, it takes hours to get to sleep, and then i wake up wide awake. i hate this. i used to think sleep was a waste of time. now i welcome it. i need it. but it won't come. ten hours sleep since friday morning. its almost to the point where its driving me crazy. i need some help.:screaming: :help:
  2. Syd

    Syd Guest

    If you can't sleep, get out of bed and do something else. Stay up long enough, and you'll be ready to crash eventually. ;p You might need an amphetamine prescription or even just coffee to get you through some work days. I've done a week of work on no sleep before, so it's definitely possible.

    The only medications I've tried that really help me sleep are Mirtazapine or Xanax. Try them out and see if it helps you. I don't advise taking either routinely, just save them for emergencies. Turn down the thermostat to make your bedroom as cool as possible.

    Try running a mile each morning. When evening rolls around, you'll be much more tired, and your quality of sleep should improve. Make sure you're eating properly and drinking enough water too.
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  3. lost_soul

    lost_soul Staff Alumni

    i'm up again. i did get some sleep though. i slep about 4 hours. better than nothing. i still want and need to get more sleep.
  4. lost_soul

    lost_soul Staff Alumni

    sleep will not come. this sucks. i just talked to a friend and he's going to bring me some sleeping pills so i will hopefully be able to sleeptomorrow. we'll see. im not sure what hes bringing, hopefully unisom or something like that. ive been eating benadryl by the handful, and it used to knock me out. not any more. not sure what is going on.LIE! i know part of what it is, my brain won't shut up. thoughts just will not stop or slow down. its the same shit. "what are you doing" "why are you doing this" "you know what is going to happen" 'stop while you're ahead" "put the wall back up".thats whats going through my head.
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  5. Cybrsk8r

    Cybrsk8r Well-Known Member

    I'm in the same boat you are. I'm pretty well-versed in all the get-rich quick infomercials on TV in the early morning. :biggrin:

    I'd go see your doctor. My experience with over-the-counter sleeping pills is that they only work if there is no underlying cause to your sleeplessness. If you're not sleeping from stress or worry, they aren't going to help much. They don't help me, anyway. I've been taking Ambien on and off since my Mom died. My doc gave me a small prescription to help me. If I take an Ambien along with an OTC that does pretty good, but I still wake-up between 3 and 4 and can't get back to sleep. Or I sleep for 10 minutes here and there. I think I'm gonna see if he'll give me Ambien CR which the ad says has a time release to keep you asleep.

    I hope you start sleeping better. I know what it's like to lie awake at night.

    PM me if you want. And I'll let you know how the Ambien CR works out.
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  6. lost_soul

    lost_soul Staff Alumni

    thanks sk8r. im going totry to get some sleeping pills in a minute. hopefully they'll work????
  7. Syd

    Syd Guest

    I forgot to mention something.

    When I was 19 I had a strong case of insomnia, and I stayed overnight at a hospital for a sleep test. I can't remember the type of test, but they attached a lot of wires to my skin with this gel stuff. The wires were supposed to measure brain activity, heart rate, breathing, etc.

    Anyway, I was so uncomfortable being monitored that I couldn't fall asleep at all. Just laying there with my eyes closed, every minute seemed like an hour. So all I could do was think of something vivid and focus on it to make the eight hours bearable.

    First I pictured flying over an ocean, and let my mind control and change the imagery at will. I let my usual thoughts go blank and focused all my energy on the visuals. I was still awake the whole time, I could hear the humming of the machine nearby, but tried to remain motionless and relax, deep and slow breathing.

    The sleep test results came back indicating brain wave activity of about 4 hours of sleep. I thought it was a joke, as there is no doubt I was awake the entire time. My only explanation is that focusing on something visual is a form of meditation that can provide rest similar to light sleeping.

    I still do this whenever I can't sleep, and often feel fairly refreshed the next day even if I was conscious the entire night. Some rest is better than nothing.
    Last edited: May 24, 2007
  8. Cybrsk8r

    Cybrsk8r Well-Known Member

    Got some Lunesta from my doc yesterday. She said it has the same time release as Ambien CR. I tried it last night. It seemed to take a while to kick in, but then worked pretty well. Anyone else had any experience with it?
  9. lost_soul

    lost_soul Staff Alumni

    i've been eating triazadone by the handful. i got five hours,night before 1 hour last niight, and about 3 very broken hiours today. thanks for the ideas
  10. Cybrsk8r

    Cybrsk8r Well-Known Member

    I also tried white noise. I downloaded a few sound clips of the ocean and made a CD and put that on real soft. Got the idea from my therapist. Maybe that would help.
  11. Cybrsk8r

    Cybrsk8r Well-Known Member

    I'm not impressed with Lunesta. :wallbash:
  12. lost_soul

    lost_soul Staff Alumni

    i did it. i ran my body til it crashed on me .:) iwas falling out at 5am while i was tryig to transefer a file. i went and laid down. i just woke up about 15 miutes ago. if felt so ggod to get more than a few hours sleep.:biggrin:
  13. danni

    danni Chat Buddy

    that good to hear jcat that you got more sleep than u normaly do..
  14. I get so messed up on sleep deprivation. One day I walked into a restaurant and started ordering things that they didn't even have there. :laugh:
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