Sleep my friend

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  1. freefalling

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    The prep work is done and my stash now secure,
    Over and over in my head,yes I am sure,
    I see no other way and all roads are now shut,
    But I'm beginning to scare with knots in my gut.

    As the minutes tick by I think on my past,
    Nearing the end and I pray it comes fast,
    My life was no good to say the very least,
    Everyday a tortured hell fighting my inner beast.

    I cannot now think of those I leave behind,
    Some comfort one day I pray they might find,
    They done for me their best and for that I am grateful,
    But my life was a sham,at very best bloody pitiful.

    Now for once in my life sleep is my friend,
    To eternal darkness my soul I now send,
    My fears ebbing away now as my eyes get heavy,
    35 years of hell was a very costly levy,
    Into the darkness I go and out of this lions den,
    In the name of the Father,Son,Holy Ghost,Amen.
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