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    This should probably be in the midnight owl section so feel free to move it if you want to - I put it here because it is a rant.

    I am so fed up of not being able to sleep at night. The last few nights I have been so so tired that by about 9 my eyes have been closing. I've gone to bed at various times from 9pm and the latest was about 1am I think - and everytime I sleep for 2, maybe 3, hours... And then I'm wide awake again. It is driving me insane. I'm going to bed, getting up about 2am and being awake again til about 8am. Which then means I want to sleep all day. i've tried staying awake so that I sleep better the following night but I either collapse and fall asleep half way through the day ... or it just makes no difference. The annoying thing is, that when I am sleeping during the day I can sleep for hours and hours on end with no problems .. why can't I do this at night? Last night I went to bed at midnight with a migraine .. woke up at 2:01am and couldn't get back to sleep. It's now 4:07 and while I'm shattered .. sleep just isn't coming. This is driving me mad now. This not sleeping at night is also making me depressed, quiet and moody (even if I catch up on the sleep during the day) :dry:
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    Is there any chance you could be prescribed sleeping pills just until you get yourself back on a regular sleeping routine? I was the same way and sleeping pills seemed to help get more on a regular sleeping schedule.
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    That would involve me seeing a doctor - and I hate them :laugh:
    Also, I don't know if they would give me them or not because I sleep well during the day?
    I'm going to buy some herbal ones tomorrow (well later today now :dry: ) and see if they help ..
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    I know how you feel.. I use to go on benders where I would be up for three days.. Now I have an irregular sleep habit..I think paranoia has alot to do with it.. I feel at night I have to be on guard all the time.. During the day I sleep just fine..I don't know how to explain it better.. I just feel as if someone is after me all the time..I have learned to just go with the flow..Trying to force yourself to sleep just frustrates you even more..
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    I've slept for two hours and my day today consits of spending the day in town with a mate that I've only just made up with. Then two hours at the Samaritans branch. The the evening with that mate and a screaming 4 year old.
    Oh the fucking joy :dry:
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    Sam, I'm in the same boat at the moment. It will be because of your meds.

    Since my meds got upped to 40mg I can sleep all day but not on a night. i've been wide awake. Even if i stay awake all day and dont have a nap, i'm still the same. I just dont sleep well on a night time.

    Try not to nap during the day, even if it is difficult.

    I find that... dont go to/use your room unless it is for sleep or uhmm. it helps a little but your body will get used to the idea. Dont sit in bed on ya laptop, it will only make ya worse. Try some background noise like a tele or soft music when going to sleep, but dont physically get into bed unles you feel you WILL fall asleep, it takes the average person less than ten minutes to get to sleep.

    A warm bath may help but not if ya getting washed, just the warm soothly water will help.

    Also... is there any thing else keeping you awake, like is there any thing playing on your mind. try writing it down before you try sleep or talk to some one. Just an idea

    Love Jane x
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    Rah de fucking rah here we go again :dry:

    It's 4:42am and I'm wide awake.

    Oh joy...
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    Omg that's EXACTLY it :sad:

    Lucky sods eh :dry: :laugh:
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    if you ever need any one to talk to at stupid oclock in the morning, just give me a text r ring, i'll props be awake lol

    I'd love to be able to get to sleep in ten minutes...i'm lucky if it takes me an hour lol

    my doc asked me on friday if i wanted to up my meds and I just went NO my sleep patern is fucked up enough lol He said i'm suffering from sleep reversal... its stupid and im blaming the meds. So he suggested another med bcoz these dont seem to work.. but i wanna wait a bit longer, but if this sleep stuff aint sorted im gonna have it.

    meh.. yeah Sleep lol
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    Ugh sleep issues SUCK, thats all I have to say, I know your pain :hug:
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    :hug: Sorry you are going through it too ....