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    The Endless Sleep
    What if there was an endless sleep,
    A sleep we long for but never have.
    A sleep we sacrifice for better results
    A sleep that is laughed about
    Because the idea is so preposterous
    It has been said that sleep is for the weak
    And that we can rest when were dead.
    I impart that
    Because I have only gotten 8 this week
    any my zombie head feels undead
    and my body wants to go to bed
    my name is Austin buy my brain thinks its fred
    Oh dear Lord, Its time to go to bed
    Now my brain doesnt function as a whole,
    I think I got Cajoled
    By some man who has no Soul
    Oh no, not again!
    Here comes the brain matter through my ears!
    See, I told ya so. - - -
    I just drank my 23rd pot of coffee, or something like that
    my brain is pretty frosty
    From all the
    I think its maybe time to get some rest,
    But the inanimate pile of work says, Ha! You can sleep when your dead!
    And for Lord's sake my name isn't Fred.
    Though thinking yet unconscious
    I thought sleeping sounded preposterous
    Maybe work isn't always the most important thing.
    Sometimes a man just needs a little.......
    Zzz. Zzz. Zzz
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    Ah..perchance to dream...J
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