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A little nonsense. I decided to sleep instead of working on my plan. I'll prob be upset when i wake up but for now, i think i'll sleep. i'll work on it tml, then there's another tml and then there's always tml. yea, but for now, i'll sleep and try to find peace.


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Why take the BIG sleep when a normal one will usually revive you a little.

I sometimes have a special recharge sleep - 12 hours or so - but this is after a normal week in which my hours are insane - and sometimes I'll actually just stay up all night - even when I'm smashed - sometimes I can stay up - sober up - shower and be on the streets by 9.00am and fist in the shops - laying claim to whatever offers are in the bargain bin.

Sleep is fantastic.

Sometimes I wake up feeling almost human!
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