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  1. Sadie~

    Sadie~ Active Member

    It's not all that bad. Not really. I don't feel too sad anymore. I'm actually quite jovial. Maybe I am actually relaxed by the concept of death. The big sleep, y'know.

    And I do love to sleep. I love dreams, I adore nightmares. Maybe I'm going a little mad. That's okay too. It really doesn't bother me. Now I've resorted to eating things I shouldn't to make myself ill, or drinking too much fizzy so I get my cystitis <edit mod total eclipse triggering>. I enjoy it.

    I haven't cut in ages though, but the angry scar is still there. I admire it a lot.

    I'm okay. I just wanted everyone to know that.
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  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I love sleep too take me away from all the stuff in reality I do hope you have reached out to someone to help you pull out of this thought of yours get some help okay so you can stay safe
  3. Sadie~

    Sadie~ Active Member

    I'm fine. I'm in control.

    And I sleep so much too.
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