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  1. diamond2

    diamond2 Active Member

    Deep breaths in and out
    Peace and quiet not a sound
    I want to be consumed by the silence
    No one to scream or shout
    Here I lay on the icy ground

    Coldness defeats my body as I slip
    Slowly into the land of wonders
    I'm starting to finally let go
    Bit by bit
    I won't be tired any longer

    Don't know where I'm going
    Not looking behind
    There's nothing here for me any more
    I've finally stopped running
    No longer scared of what I'll find

    I close my eyes to find them open
    My condition only worsens
    Is this what death feels like, my watchful sleep
    I await the rest that'll never come
    Constantly burning like the sun
  2. laylou

    laylou Active Member

    I really relate to this. Thanks diamond2!
  3. DarknessSurroundsMe

    DarknessSurroundsMe Well-Known Member

    I must agree....Thank you very much....
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