sleepign pills

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Why not trying explaining whats making you feel like this, we all wanna help :smile: talking about it might help.

This is a pro life web site, no one will give you methods or guide lines on a harmful dosage.

If you don't wanna talk on this thread PM me :smile: im willing to listen :smile:


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Just wanted to welcome you to the forum and echo what Vikki has said.. this is a pro-life forum.. we don't give out any methods or encourage self harm. Instead we'd like to be here to support you through this crisis.. I hope you will not take anything to harm yourself. If you feel it would help to talk about what is going on for you at the moment, we're more than willing to listen. You don't have to be alone :)

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Don't do it! It will only cause brain damage!
Yes it could cause brain damage among other things, im more concerned about trying to get her to talk to one of us not try and scared her, the last thing someone who has taken a load of pills is someone saying their gonna get brain damage.


I overdosed on sleeping pills. The problem with the pills is that it contains a lot of aspirin. Aspirin is an anticoagulant that causes your blood to thin. When I overdosed it gave me a terrible ulcer. Not fun. Yes.. I nearly died. But it was very painful and took two hours to do it's job. Your heart races and you see double and triple... panic kicks in and your breathing accelerates before you pass out and go into a coma. For me five extra minutes and I would be dead... I ended up in the hospital for over a month and recovery was not fun.

So I do not recommend overdosing because it is too slow. Besides... why die when there are people here that care about you. I lost a friend here that killed herself and I tried to reach her but it was too late.
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