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Sleeping Habits

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Wow, is there an illness for this? I get crazy tired sometimes out of nowhere and my sleeping times are changing. Nowadays I sleep anywhere between 9pm-2am. Someimtes in bed, I really want to SF chat on my iphone but there's no app or java =[

total eclipse

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sleep habits do change with depression and other mental illnesses that is why you should talk to your doc get on something to regulate your sleep pattern maybe bring that up with doc next time okay

Mr Stewart

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Just something to add to total eclipse's advice:

Since you've noticed things are starting to get strange with your sleep schedule, it's a good idea to start a log to keep trap of what's going on. Get yourself a notebook and keep track of the following things everyday,

Time you went to bed:
Time you actually fell asleep (if you remember):
-note any disturbances during sleep if applicable, if you got up a bunch of times etc.
Time you woke up:

Having this will help your doctor a great deal in determining what the trouble is.

Good luck. Circadian rhythm disturbances can be very rough to deal with, I know. :smile:


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I used to keep i log of sleeping times, but i found i got obsessed with how much sleep i was getting and so feeling worse.
It varies with what sort of problem you have but i was told not to think about it too much if possible, i still sleep crap but don't worry about it so much.
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