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  1. Moat

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    Been having a bad time of it the last few weeks, not simply because I am an insomniac (although that is part of it) but mainly the sheer heat that is keeping me from getting much sleep each night (it is the height of Summer here in Australia and only getting hotter as the season wears on); I have air conditioning, but that is in the lounge room; I have a ceiling fan in my bedroom, but I do not like using that at night, because for some reason, I always think it will come spinning off the bolts and smack me when I am in bed (an irrational thought to have?) and the house itself is made of bricks, which traps heat in during the day, so it is almost as hot inside in the middle of the night as it is outside during the day... So, I wondering, but does everyone else do when they have trouble getting to sleep?

    BUT: I should warn you; the first person to say to drink warm milk is going to get a smack, I hate warm milk! :p
  2. Petal

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    Use (i cannot for the life of me remember the name) cold pillows. I live in ireland, we don't get much heat here but I can only sleep in cold rooms, i sleep with a small fan beside my bed and my cold pillow while listening to a full mind body scan on youtube. Try that, here's a good link too (free guided meditations
    I hope that helps some some bit.
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  3. Mr Stewart

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    Sometimes in summer it helps me to put a washcloth moistened with cool water on my forehead.
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  4. Wastingecho

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    first apartment was stucco with no insulation so summer was brutal

    kept a bowl with a little water and a washcloth on the bed table to wipe everything down and let evaporation cool me off

    also had a window fan that i angled down to help
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  5. Moat

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    Thank you kindly, Lilly Dale, Mr. stewart and Wastingecho - I tried each of your suggestions in turn and all of them seemed to help. I cannot say that sleep came naturally for me, but at least your suggestions did seem to cool the room down enough to make me feel more comfortable that I was eventually able to sleep.
  6. Freya

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    Hi @Moat - I absolutely suck at sleeping when the room is too warm also. I find that if I take a cold shower right before I try to go to bed/sleep to lower my body temperature that helps plus, like petal, I have a fan that I literally point at my upper body and keep on during the night. I use ear plugs to deal with the whirring sound (I struggle to sleep if there is noise) and that works okay for me. Keep baby wipes in the fridge (if you can have a mini fridge in your room, all the better) and pop a damp flannel in the freezer to wipe yourself down with.

    You can get cool pads for pillows and even for the bed I believe - you stick them in the fridge and then pop them under the pillowcase or under sheet when you go to sleep.

    If you buy a 16" pedestal fan (here that would be about £20) you can point it at your bed when you are sleeping but also, before you go to bed to try to get the temperature down in the room a little you can use water to sort of "air condition" your room with the fan. Get some ice and dump it in some water so the water gets super cold - wet a towel with the water and ring it out til it is as wet as it can be without dripping everywhere (put a second towel under the base of the fan) and drape it over the front of the grille of the fan. Turn the fan on. The ice water combined with the fan will help the room cool down. Sounds utterly bizarre I do realise but I have done it and it does work. If you can switch out the towel every 30 mins for a couple hours before you go to bed, the room should be cooler (assuming your room isn't enormous).

    In general for sleep - no sugar less than 2 hours before you sleep and try to limit blue light once it is dark (I have an app on my computer that changes the display to limit blue light after sun-down - it looks a bit weird at first but blue light is not good for sleep I am told) and I also like ASMR videos on youtube - they don't make me tingly or whatever they are meant to do but they do make me sleepy.
  7. Williamstuckinarut

    Williamstuckinarut SF Supporter

    I listen to audio books or podcasts in bed. It helps distract my mind from anxious thoughts. At the moment I'm into creepypasta which I randomly search on youtube.
    Sometimes I take passiflora or valerian which are safe and over the counter sleep aids.
  8. booklovr

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    I'm pretty sure vaz there's a good reason U don't sleep in the lounge...
  9. booklovr

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    believe me I kno what you mean by not being able to sleep due to summers *sigh good old days I used to sleep sleep*.....since the alarm clocks didn't work on me I used to set a timer in the ac......and wake exactly wen I planned a pool of sweat from a dream that I was stranded alone in the Sahara desert.
  10. Moat

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    I will definitely be trying some of what you recommended, Freya, thanks, especially the cool shower right before bed instead of just when I get home from work.
  11. Moat

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    LOL I am sorry, but the mental image I just got picturing that one will be with me for the rest of my life and would be grouse to write about, if you let me come up with a story to write on your dream :p
  12. booklovr

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    sure vaz!
    write ahead.i already can't wait to read it..;)
    Idk about how to sleep but you have your answer as to how to get up on time..
  13. Witty_Sarcasm

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    Hey, I don't like warm milk either, unless it is in hot chocolate. It's not weird about worrying about the fan falling on you. I always had a fear of things falling on me. But I have a window fan, so maybe that's something you can try if you like having the fan on while you sleep. It takes me hours to fall asleep, no matter when I go to bed. I basically have to be exhausted to fall asleep quickly.

    Is this a long term problem? Maybe you can talk to a doctor about options for helping you get a good night's rest. I was referred to a sleep clinic by my doctor, so I hope that will help.