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How many Hours do you sleep each night(mon-fri/worknights)

  1. 4-5 Hours

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  2. 5-6 Hours

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  3. 6-7 Hours

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  4. 7-8 Hours

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  5. 8-9 Hours

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  6. 10+ Hours

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  1. justMe7

    justMe7 Well-Known Member

    I was wondering how many hours people slept. We can keep this simple and restrict the poll answer for workdays.

    If anyone wants to share how they feel off of the hours they sleep I'd be interested in reading. Especially people who sleep 5-6 hours a night. Is this by choice, and do you feel you can physically and mentally maintain these hours of sleep?

    *edit* I shoud have put an eratic option. Sorry my mistake.
  2. JmpMster

    JmpMster Have a question? Message Me Staff Member Forum Owner ADMIN

    Typically I would be very pleased to get 4 hours a day. Many days that might be a stretch but that is because of physical issues and I spend 8 - 10 hours and somedays much more in bed, but not sleeping. Unfortunately , I no longer have workdays to break a routine :)
  3. Witty_Sarcasm

    Witty_Sarcasm Eccentric writer, general weirdo, heedless heathen

    I'd say about 7-8, but I don't sleep all of those hours. I seem to be a very light sleeper, and it's hard for me to fall back asleep once something wakes me up. It's hard to fall asleep to begin with. No matter how much sleep I get, I still seem to be tired.
  4. Butterfly

    Butterfly Sim Addict Staff Alumni SF Author SF Supporter

    For me if I am at work I tend to get anywhere between 4-6 hours if I'm on day shifts and 4-5 if I'm sleeping in the day on night shifts. This is if I'm not struggling to sleep, sometimes I can get as little as 2 hours when I'm working. For me I work 12 and a half hour shifts, 7am till 7.30pm. It takes me about 40 minutes to get from work to home door to door. I usually get in at 8.10pm, sometimes later if I've left work late. I normally have a whinge, a moan and a drink when I come in then I'll get myself something for tea. This is all done by 9pm and then because of the stresses of my job I need a lot of winding down time. I'm not usually asleep before 11pm and I have to be awake for 5am to get ready for work. When my work days are split up I can cope with this, but if I have 3 or 4 on the run its either made me completely manic, or I'm literally crawling out the door to go home. It also depends on how heavy the ward is, not just physically but mentally too. It makes a difference when the ward doesn't have too many heavy, all care patients who don't wander or are confused, but if your patient's are nearly all all care and you got a few confused, delirious patients boy are you in for a fun week.

    Usually when I'm at home and not working I get anywhere from 4-8 hours sleep although if I've had a heavy week at work and my physical conditions are playing up or I'm depressed I can sleep 12-14 hours.
  5. emily83

    emily83 Well-Known Member

    i'm lucky to get 5 minits. seriously... imsomnia is terrible- and it's not even proper sleep, you know when you drift off and miss a bit of a programme or something, it's that
  6. bhawk

    bhawk Well-Known Member

    You need a 4 hours or less option. With me it can vary but its generally less than 4 hours
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