Sleeping in The Sky

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    Your lips
    Taste of suicide
    The longing gaze
    In your eyes
    Plays me a tune
    Of Rain drops
    And so much
    Just thrown to the
    Will you feed me one
    Oh, just feed me
    One tender bleeding drop
    As it falls
    From the Black
    And bleeding Sky
    A clouded bed of lies
    Drowning what you see
    In the beautiful Grey
    Where were you,
    When I fed the Heavens
    From the open scars
    Hiding from the sun
    To make me feel better
    Dripping from your tongue
    You stole my shame
    Dancing under the stars
    Dropping from
    What they see
    Every night
    How it tortures them
    And how they crush
    Oh how you fell,
    Right back on top of me
    And we lie
    In the pouring
    The bleeding sky
    As it came from
    To show us
    Where we truly belong
    Stuck on the straight
    To nowhere
    We were dancing
    In our Rain
    Glory from my velvet
    The broken fragments
    Mirrored in your
    Lost along a
    Dangerous path
    The Lightning
    So Blue
    Like the places I saw
    In your eyes
    That night
    That deep and hallowed night
    When our bleeding Sky
    Cried out to us
    And you touched
    His Rain
    With sinful kisses
    To drink Him in
    To steal Him drops
    From the Golden Orchids
    And the budding
    Red Roses
    Who in their gardens
    Need the Rain
    From our bleeding, tortured
    To kiss their petals
    And sing to them
    Just how they need
    The sun to shine
    Just like prayers
    To their hearts
    The Rain on our skin
    Like a drug
    The worst of habits
    We open our stitches
    To let the Sky in
    No more pain
    Just dancing, and Rain
    The clouds cover
    Our Dark Blue Sky
    And all our Roses die
    You tell me, we’re the
    “Only ones left”
    And that you had to
    Kill all the demons, *****s and liars
    So you set our sun on fire
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Not open for further replies.