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Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by danni, Oct 9, 2007.

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    ugh i take sleeping pills to help me sleep at night but now i feel like even when i dont want to sleep i want to take them, I take lynestia and another one thou i dont now the name. But its like i can't go without them i want them so bad. And when i take them they dont help me sleep anymore and thats why i have to take more at night but why do i want them in the day light?
  2. Terry

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    One of the reasons it is nigh on impossible to get a doctor to prescribe sleeping pills here in the UK is their addiction factor (highly addictive) and on top of that, when you've taken them for a while they no longer work; so now your wide awake but needing the damn things to feel normal:blink:
    Go back to your doc and tell them what's happened, if you need pils to sleep they will need to change your medication and address the addiction. :hug:
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    Sleeping pills are highlyddictive hun i take Temazepam at night but im closly monitored on these, i find if i try not to take them im awake for about 48 hours before natural sleep (such as it is for me) will kick in
    They have their place but they can create other problems to tc