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Stuck here, would really appreciate any input.

I was never anything but a social drinker, but now I'm having to get shit faced everynight just to get to sleep.

I don't want to drink, just can't stand the no sleeping bit.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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i had very bad sleeping problems until recently and i found simply getting a decent bit of exercise in the day really helped

finding time for a half hour walk or doing some intensive cleaning around the house can really get you tired enough to sleep

hope thats some help....

take care

-A BlackStreet-

interesting i never had a problem sleeping either until recently. i find that reading helps me fall to sleep but not stay asleep. my pdoc has given me medication but that is not something that i am willing to take on due to feeling awful the next day. maybe it is this time of the year. maybe your doctor can give you a sleeping aid to help you if that is something you are willing to take on.


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doc gave me short supply of sleeping pills, but as u get used to them real quick won't let me have anymore.

Can't read as find I can't concentrate.

Will try the exercising tho Bunny, if I can really exhaust myself maybe my bloody brain will STFU !!!

Thanks for the input.

lost soul


I dont know if you are into aromatherapy or not, but just before bed have a warm bath with some ylang ylang, lavender, camomile in it and just soak.Once out of the bath get changed into pj's and straight into bed, put some classical or relaxation music on and lay in the dark listening to it, your brain will gradually learn that the relaxing means sleep.

As Bunny said exercise is good too.

If you are on meds they can stop you sleeping too.


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Thanks Lost, I'll try anything at this point...including a hammer to the head :laugh: :laugh:
What a meanie doctor. I have insomnia and I have to have my sleepy time meds. Why won't he give you anymore if you need them now? wait...try over the counter meds, if you don't have insomnia, they may help. Sorry, tired. :hug:


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Tried those over the counter Kalms, supposed to give u natural sleep.
Took me 4 hours to drop off and then woke up and was sick as a dog.
What the hell do they put in those damn things??? :mad: :mad:


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I've had good results with 5-HTP, which is a natural supplement that converts to seratonin in the body. It's probably better to start at a low dose, and not to take it if you are taking antidepressants related to seratonin levels. My friend, a nutritionist, recommended this to me, but you might want to research it first. It's supposed to be better if you take Vit B6 with it, as well as some other minerals, so I just take it with a multivit to cover the bases. I use it for both insomnia and depression. If you want more info, send me a message.
I work in a health food store, so I've seen people try different things, like valarian root, which works for some but not really for me. Also, it is important to be careful about supplements if you are already on prescription meds.


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Thanks live, that might be why the Kalms made me sick as I'm on anti-depressants. Have a doctors appointment wednesday will ask her about the 5-HTP.

Thanks again.
5-HTP did absolutely nothing for me, just to be honest. Maybe it will for you, but if there are some underlying psych. issues causing the insomnia, it would be best to focus on those issues in order to regain restful sleep.

P.S. Ask the doctor about mirtazapine
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How to get a better night's rest

Get more exercise—physical and mental. It primes the sleep homeostat. It's a myth that exercise at bedtime is bad. Sex is, among other things, a great exercise.

1. Set a regular bedtime—and keep it. Your body needs reliability. Set up conditions so that you catch the wave of sleep. Sleep has to be permitted. Take obstacles out of the way, and give up the notion that you can control sleep.

2. Learn simple meditation and practice it before bedtime; it cuts down nervous system arousal.

3. Put sleep in the background of your life. Don't monitor it, don't evaluate it.

4. Jack up your body temperature with a warm bath before bed. Exaggerating the normal drop in body temperature that accompanies lying down abets sleep.

5. Keep your bedroom dark, especially as you get older. Even small amounts of light and noise can disturb sleep as you age.

6. Don't overheat your environment. Sleep loves cold. Keep your bedroom cold but load up on blankets.

7. Less is more. The less you do in response to a bout of sleeplessness, the faster your sleep patterns will return to normal.

8. Keeping your wake-up time constant but going to bed one hour later will help 25 percent of insomniacs in one to two weeks. Prepare to feel sleepy at times and avoid driving then. After two weeks, add back the time in half-hour increments.

9. Look on two or three nights of insomnia as a gift—the gift of time you wanted to get done all that you have to get done. Insomnia may be functional, a signal that you need to attend to what got you up.

10. Don't fight the insomnia. The homeostat makes sleep a self-reparative system—if you stay out of its way.

11. Don't worry about the consequences of not sleeping. Worrying about insomnia can create insomnia.

12. Don't sleep with your pets! Animal dander can create allergies that manifest only at night, and the movement of any pet on your bed can wake you up.

13. Do not sleep later to make up for lost sleep. It de-primes the sleep homeostat and reduces pressure for sleep the next night, turning a night of sleeplessness into insomnia.

14. Don't make up for a night of sleeplessness by napping. That undermines the sleep homeostat and makes it less likely you will sleep through the next night.

15. Don't make up for an acute bout of insomnia by going to bed early.

16. Do not try to induce sleepiness by drinking alcohol. Yes, it's a great relaxant—but it is metabolized so quickly it creates rebound insomnia within the night; it's so fast-acting you'll be up in four short hours.

17. Limit caffeine to one cup of coffee in the morning. At age 18, caffeine has a half-life of 4.5 hours, which increases with age. Gradually eliminate caffeine altogether if you have trouble sleeping.

18. Get more exercise—physical and mental. It primes the sleep homeostat. It's a myth that exercise at bedtime is bad. Sex is, among other things, a great exercise.


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Geez, I read that and no wonder I can't sleep..been doing all the wrong things!!!!

My sleep pattern is non existant..ALL OVER THE BLOODY PLACE.

Am definetly going to give that little list a go.

Thanks for the post


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Nope still can't sleep...SIGH

Tried the lot, exercise, bath, essentail oils, lavender pillow, hot milk (ugh).
Set times for bed and getting up..upshot was 3 hours sleep in as many days

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