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Sleeping well is it's own reward

First off, I've been in a funk lately from not sleeping well and
defecating seldom, so any advice I've been given should be
taken with a large salt mine.

I try to figure things out by looking at the details and miss the
most important part, the big picture.

I've realized that not getting good sleep is where things all fall
apart, and instead I over-analyzing things, like my diet, which
gets me lost in the devilish details.

Sleeping well by eating well should be the main goal. Not being
able to get a good nights sleep is a huge clue that things are
starting to go wrong., In all probability, this is related to a bad
diet messing up your digestion and nutrition with sleep being
affected badly by that.

Now, I could go looking for all the different reasons this is, with
the diet, but just eating simple, nutritious foods which help you
sleep better is probably the better way to go.

2 foods that have helped me are Organic Peanut Butter and
Organic Bananas.

They both have nutrients, B6 for example, but eating and seeing
if you sleep better keeps the big picture in focus.

Here's a website that tells about Peanuts, and it's truly amazing
how many nutrients it has, from dopamine to resveratrol.

Now supposedly both the dopamine in peanuts and seretonin in bananas
doesn't cross the blood-brain barrier, but I think that a happy gut, which has
been called the second brain, makes for a happy person, so it may still help.

Anyways, look for simple foods that help with sleep and feed the gut, like
Bananas, and the ancient grain barley among others, and it may go a long
way towards sleeping well and being well. (by eating well)

I'd stick to plain organic peanut butter in plain salt. It's well cooked and easy
to consume/assimilate. And reduces anti-nutrients and any mold toxins.

I wouldn't underestimate a good night's sleep and it's importance for having
a good day. :) (and a bad night's sleep being a clue you need to do things
I've found that processed foods with barley extract do me some
good, so I picked up some Barley Malt Syrup from Whole Foods
to try.

And it ain't getting it. The raw syrup doesn't have the same effect.

So if you do try eating simple foods to see what might help
or not, be prepared to rinse and repeat till you find ones that do.

A food diary is a must for trying this.

And if and when you do find a food that works for you, look into
it's nutritional profile, see what's in it or what it's good for, that
might be why.

There should be something that'll help you find other similar foods that do. (like it's rich in B6, alkalizes or acidifies, high in a mineral, feeds the gut, etc)

Again, I can't promise this isn't just some blind alley I'm sending
you up, but the bananas I've been eating are having a good effect.

Not too sure about the peanut butter at this point, but I made
the mistake of throwing the barley malt syrup into the mix, so
I'd strongly suggest only trying one food at each meal to see
how it affects you. (maybe even for several meals/days)

God help me if I've become my own worst enemy, overthinking
things and coming to bad/wrong conclusions. :-(

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