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  1. Secret wounds

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    Does any one know of any slimming pills that actually work? Or any pills that will supress my hunger?
  2. Crue-K

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    Orlistat, you take them with food and when you take a dump, they secrete about a 3rd of the fat content into the toilet. You can get the on prescriptio fro your GP, he/she will need t hear fro you something like "I have been eating healthily for 6 months now and lost about 20lbs, and I have hit a stumbling block, I need help to carry on with it". These do work but if you are on a low fat or no fat diet then they are no good.

    To supress your appetite you can use ephedrine, I don't think you can but it legally in the UK but you should be able to get some from doormen or muscle men in gyms.
  3. Right U R Ken

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    Ripped Fuel back when it had Ephedra and guarana in it used to work great for me. The was a ban on ephedra here for a while so they changed their formula. The ban on ephedra was lifted but Ripped Fuel didn't go back to using it.

    If you can find a Ephedra and guarana pill it might work for you. This type of pill suppresses hunger, gives more energy and increases metabolisim. The drawback is that it can make you feel uptight/nervous.
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  5. Petal

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    ginger capsules can help, and also peppermint oils
  6. gag

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    if I were you I'd avoid prescription pills that can surpress hunger.

    That'd be basically any pills prescribed to people with attention disorders.

    Theyc an lead to social avoidance and a whole bunch of other rotten mental side effects, not to mention insomnia which is hard on the body.

    If you're looking to get slimmed down, goto a GNC store, or something like it, and buy some pills that will help you burn fat when you excercise.

    Or find a good diet and try that.