Slipping mr tripping

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    Slipping mr tripping


    I chant like a far away dream

    found on a well oild floor ​

    slipping mr tripping

    falling down is easy and fun to watch

    The one person and his alter creed​
    watch the pensel fall

    the caravan of chalk white tall skulls on sticks ​

    slipping mr tripping

    and the fortress of pent up scars

    signs with big red text saying No-Air reside behind these walls​

    But I die just a little bit untill its time and then I take it all

    scorched in night flame of mother dawn

    As the sun reach the highest peak and the warm ray secure a place among the never was, never seen, never been. Tyrans of our time. Guilt driven and stript bare to witness the fall of a whole race hellbent on securing the best seats to the human march, an exidus to Zion to restart the whole comedy from the freaking start.

    :diablo:and the hellish made a point in beeing present.
    After all this was his time and after this the turning point.

    hundread thousand years of shifted plot
    the start of the honerable selfless era

    a summer rain soft and mild like a test of time
    With all the change everything stays the same​

    I am losing my self and in the words I find the calling crawling closer and farther

    losing myself

    with forgotten letters to a god sleeping on his job
    with every dust and molicule in its right place
    still here comes dawn ​

    let the show end and in so start

    You know I´m Slipping mr tripping

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.