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    I feel like the energy, motivation & life is being drained out of me.
    I cant concentrate on school work, I feel frustrated, slightly psychotic & I've been having painful flashbacks during classes & outside of classes. I feel myself slipping back from all the progress I made.
    It doesnt help that my dad is never home anymore, & my mom is currently undergoing testing for cancer. I lost my cousin in september & learned that my grandfather has Parkingsons(sp?) disease...
    It's becoming more than I can handle.
    I've tried so hard to not fall back; to put the past behind... but I'm slipping & I am TERRIFIED that Im going to end up in the place thats causing the flashbacks..
    I cant deal with this, I cant keep doing this...
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    you need to talking to your therapist or councellor and getting some coping skills okay. i am sorry everything seems to be happening at once all the more reason to call make appt with someone don't try to fight this on your own okay get some help