Slowly but surely

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    I'm starting to smile again.
    After a few weeks of ntohing but venting and multiple suicide attempts, I think I'm coming to my senses.
    What is the point of killing myself? Sure its to get rid of all the suffering, but I truly want to feel what its like to be normal and happy.
    My anxiety is being worked on independently. I actually went up to a group of friends bigger than two and started contributing to the conversaion (Mikel you'd be proud!)
    I've been a bit more interactive in school, and participated in a skit in theater that turned out to make everyone laugh until they fell.
    I haven't opened up yet about my problems, and truthfully I don't plan to. I'm just going to take this epiphany as far as I can and hope it makes me better.
  2. cult logic

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    Cool, congrats and good luck! :)