Slowly going mad

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  1. Tatsuhiro Satou

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    I've gone almost a week without sleep, I can't sleep anymore, my mind is full of bad thoughts and memories that keep haunting me. I keep thinking about everything and I just can't stop.

    I can't focus on anything, and I seem to snap at anyone that tries to talk to me. I don't know what to do, I can even go out and by sleeping pills without making a fool of myself and getting mad for no reason. I'm so embarrassed that I don't even want to go outside anymore. I just want my mind to shut down, I just want to have a peace, I just want peace.
  2. LoveBeing

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    Nobody can feel good without sleep for a week. Here is a link to a video clip that may help you:

    Guided Hypnotic Meditation Induce Sleep & Relieve Fearful Negative Thoughts and Anxiety

    See if you can be aware and not follow the thoughts. Each thought would tell you that it is important and that you should follow. The fact is that most of them are useless thoughts. When you do feel that certain thoughts may be important, write them down and then put them aside...

    I just hope you can get some sleep…so you can feel better…maybe even peace…

    hugs :hug:
  3. Tatsuhiro Satou

    Tatsuhiro Satou Active Member

    Thanks for the help, tried sitting through the entire hour and it did make me feel better for a little bit, but in the end the bad thoughts kept coming back in even when I tried to stop it. It's gone to the point where I don't even have control over my own mind anymore.
  4. LoveBeing

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    Just keep practicing it, hon…don’t think about whether you have control over your mind or not because that would be just another thought. Just be aware of the thoughts and watch them appear and disappear but not follow the thoughts. With your awareness that most of the thoughts are useless, they will diminish…

    hugs :hug: