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  1. goth1sniper

    goth1sniper Member

    Hi Im Bobby. Me an my girl just split up. She tells me there will b not chance for us. But then she will say I need to change be4 thinking about us. Get a job an change the way I act. When the ride we had she says its hard for her to let go. An when I was talking she told Me I was making It harder to let go. well When we where talking to day I was making her smile. An she held my hand. An she told me She still loves me. All I want to know Is do you think we will get back together When I do this change. An what would be the bast way to talk to her. Should I buy her things. She don't like big things like rings an cars she likes the small things. should I act like nothings wrong But still show her I care? Just give me some help here. Thanks sorry bout the bad grammar an spelling. Update: Today I dropped off something that she forgot. an when i came in she would kiss me an hive me hugs an hold my hand. an her sister was giveing she stuff for our new home a she showed us a painting an my girl asked if i liked it i said yes an she told me to bring it home an she will but it up. an as i was leaving i said i love you an she said i love you to. Whats all this mean. some one please tell me. me an my girl where going to get married
  2. IV2010

    IV2010 Well-Known Member

    Hi bobby....If this girl wants you to change for her then thats the best thing you can give her...
    But you have to want to change for yourself too..otherwise you will only be pretending you are someone else...
  3. goth1sniper

    goth1sniper Member

    Hi an thank you for the fast reply
    Yes I want to change to get her back i have already started I know it will take more this one day.

    What Im trying to ask is. From my post above dose it sound like she still loves me? or is she trying to let me go ez?
  4. CatherineC

    CatherineC Staff Alumni

    She's saying she loves you but she's placing conditions on it. It sounds like she's willing to be with you but only if you make the effort to hold down a job and things like that. She expects better behaviour than you've been showing. Basically she's telling you that she's not going to waste time on someone who can't be dependable, so you'd better be dependable. It's up to you if you're willing to change that much.
  5. goth1sniper

    goth1sniper Member

    Ok thank you.
  6. goth1sniper

    goth1sniper Member

    Hi. The last few days She has been good to me an I have been good to her. She has been staying with me an we sit an watched some moves together. She would give me a real kiss an lay her head in my lap when watching when she would cry she would hug me an cry on my shoulder. Dose that sound like she is still in love with me.

    I need a Girls point of view here.
  7. I've been this girl... She does still love you. Shes just confused it's a case of the head and the heart wanting to differenynt things. In her heart she loves you and wants to be with you which is why when your together she acts the ways she does because it's hard for her to let go. In her head she knows she lhoves you but she doesn't think you should be together. what I mean by this is... Basically she wants to be with but doesn't think that she can. She doesn't see a real future for you two together because of the current situation. Love isn't enough in any relationship you need to have a solid material foundation. What I mean by this is she needs to know she can depend on you. This isn't a case of wanting fancy things etc it's a case of needing a stable partner. Think of it this way... say she gets pregnant... she's going to need and want to take time off work to be there for the child, in order to do this shes going to need somebody she can rely on, somebody to help with the cost of living... somebody to support her. Even when she does go back to work, one normal income is not enough to support a family on. This is just one example/reason for her need for you to show your reliable that she can depend on you.
    Get yourself sorted out, show her that you can be there for her. She's not asking YOU to change... she's asking for your situation/circumstances to change. She loves you... she just doesn't love your situation/circumstances.
    I hope this has helped. :) Hang in there... you know what to do in your heart. x
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