Small... so small.

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    I am so small. No one will ever love me. I've talked to my urologist. I've read the research. Exercises are "futile." Pills are scams. Plastic surgery has a 70% dislike rating by people who went through with surgery with a 25% chance of serious complications. 55% chance of complications with the extended urethra. I would like to take the risk, but it would take all year to save up without wasting money on rent, necessities, school, and everything else I need money for.

    I'll have to wait years just to save up enough for surgery, and even further surgeries to make up for the chance of complications. In that time I will be a lonely loser that no girl will ever want to stay with. I might as well die.
  2. Cute_Angel_Xx

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    Hello DarkSider,

    I am so sorry to hear you are feeling so awful, this can be a very hard and daunting feeling to cope with. I am ever so glad you are reaching out for help and support to members here hense why you posted :hug:
    You will not be a lonely loser, I am sure you will be find someone soon, being in a relationship takes time as well. What type of surrgery are you planning to get?
    Some peoples surgery have come out really bad with them becoming ill, please don't hurt yourself you are loved and cared for :hug:
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    "it's not the quantity it's the quality that counts'
    you will find someone who loves you for you and not the size of your parts..
    techniques can be learnt lots of 'how to' books
    the main thing is to not stress about the whole thing and concentrate on being you..
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    You shouldn't think so much about being 'so small.' People will always find ways to make fun of others with limitations so that they can feel better about themselves and boost their own ego. But some people will accept and embrace those with limitations. It's about finding the right group of friends, the right kind of support, the right kind of girlfriend.

    Are you working right now? Do you do well in school? Having good confidence is a good countermeasure.
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    I have a 3.85 GPA in school, but I struggle to keep it up that high, so I don't work. I'm not able to buy cool clothing, a nice car, etc. I have a $100 deductible to pay for insurance before I can buy new medicines and acne medication. I'm under my parents insurance, and my mom is waiting for my dad to pay the deductible. I wasted all my cash on school. :(

    My confidence is very low. Last time I worked while in school; my grades were close to dropping, so I quit my job.
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    Just my opinion only, but as long as you graduate with passing grades, no need to stress yourself over.. I think keeping that job at least would give you some money to spend on personal entertainment.

    You should use your schools counseling center, if they have one. If you could talk to a therapist they might be able to provide some good pointers.