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Small Steps...

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Ive been really struggling lately to have any sort of positive outlook on anything, but im trying.

The last few days ive been to the movies a couple of times, the last two nights Ive been on the squash court for an hour....slapping that little black ball, trying to get some frustration out....it doesnt really work, but at least I might loose a little weight...mind you I havent been eating either so..

Generally ive been getting out of the house more, going down the pub etc, going to a really cool local music store, just simple things...

I know I really need to start working again, and today I bought the paper for the first time in probably 2 months. The thought of working again...dont know if I can do it, I mean I cant even keep myself sane atm, I go from feeling ok, to feeling outright suicidal :(

Im trying, nothing is working so far...but im still trying.
Hey Matt, that sounds great, good positive steps. I was thinking though, if you don't think you'll be able to hold down a job yet, did you think about maybe volunteering or something, that way you get out of the house doing something on a regular basis, but the thing being it would be more flexible/understanding...hmm just a thought. But yeah, keep going, sounds good. :smile:


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Blueberry's right, volunteering might be an idea. You get to choose your own hours at most places, and you can normally go for just an hour a day if that's what you want.
really good of you matt :hug: and you know, most people dont like the thought of working, but you know, its helping me a bit. Just keeps you busy, so you wont think the whole time, I know you think a lot too. And like blueberry said, maybe some volunteering will help.
Anyway you're doing great
:hug: blubs
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