Small victories are SO sweet! Tell us your small victory of today!

Discussion in 'Positive Feelings and Motivational Messages' started by deferred dream, Dec 27, 2010.

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  1. deferred dream

    deferred dream Well-Known Member

    A huge victory is wonderful but seldom easy to accomplish. People put so much emphasis on the big victories (stopping smoking, a year without cutting, etc) that sometimes it feels like the small victories don't mean as much.

    I am here to proudly declare: MY SMALL VICTORIES ARE AWESOME! I am proud of them and they make me so happy!

    And ya know what? Small victories add up!

    So, tell us in just a few words, what was your small victory of today? Did you clear your room? Start a diet? Get a kitten? Call a friend? Tell us all about it so we can be happy with you!

  2. deferred dream

    deferred dream Well-Known Member

    My small victory today: I weighed and measured to track my one-week diet progress: eight pounds fallen off at the scale! Most is water weight but still, how good did it feel! I have a long way to go but this is a start! I also lost one inch from my waist, one from my hips, one from my bust, and one from each thigh!

  3. Chargette

    Chargette Well-Known Member

    My faith in God is my victory. My hope is in Him and this keeps me going each day even if my one little "victory" is getting out of bed.

    "...: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith."
    1 John 5:4 (kjv)
  4. FlashingFlickering

    FlashingFlickering Well-Known Member

    The day just started, but I had a small victory yeseterday.
    For one of the first times at night, I managed to take my medicine to help me sleep without overdosing or abusing it at all c:
  5. StevenSiew

    StevenSiew Well-Known Member

    The eMotor Responsible Lending Deployment today has failed to fail.
  6. plates

    plates Well-Known Member

    There has been so far, no blow up between me and my local crisis team.

  7. doityourself

    doityourself Well-Known Member

    I came to work, was hard work talking myself out of bed this morning.

    Yah Me.
  8. deferred dream

    deferred dream Well-Known Member

    Chargette - That is awesome. :) Faith is such a powerful thing and it takes a strong person to have faith.

    Flashing - Great job! Keep that up!

    Steven - Whoot for failure to fail!

    Plates - Yay! Keeping the peace!

    Doityourself - Sometimes just taking that first step is so incredibly difficult - the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, remember, and you did it! Go you. :)
  9. deferred dream

    deferred dream Well-Known Member

    Oh, and my own victory: I really wanted to just stay in bed allllll daaaaay because it's so nasty and I was so tired and my knee hurts so much, but I forced myself out of bed and into the world because I needed to ship off something that I sold to someone online. I did what I needed to do, and now I am enjoying a cup of black coffee and typing here. :)
  10. Rukia

    Rukia Well-Known Member

    I had a dinner party and made the lasagne from scratch. They ate a lot so I guess it was good. :)
  11. doityourself

    doityourself Well-Known Member

    Thank you for you nice words.

    I dont know about you but its cold here and I always struggle getting out of my warm bed and heading out into the snow covered town. But Im getting good with arguing with myself. Seems the get your butt out of bed has been working, atleast for now, lol.
  12. deferred dream

    deferred dream Well-Known Member

    Rukia - Awesome! I love lasagna. I have a delicious recipe for an all cheese "white" lasagna - you make and serve the sauce seperately so the lasagna is nice and white and not red and saucy until you put the sauce on top when you serve it. Yum. <3~~

    DoItYourself - Yeah, it's so icky and cold here. It's Texas so you expect nicer, warmer weather, but the winters are nasty and the summers are brutal. It's been grey every day and that makes my mood kind of grey, but I have been doing my best to try and get moving so I don't lie about all day and get gloomier. :)
  13. FlashingFlickering

    FlashingFlickering Well-Known Member

    I went outside with my best friend and had fun in the snow with her :)
    And then I made *amazing* cookies a few hours ago, ate one, and didn't purge afterwards!!
  14. doityourself

    doityourself Well-Known Member

    I like chocolate chip cookies, yum
  15. Johnnyc

    Johnnyc Well-Known Member

    I finally got a full nights sleep, it was with NyQuil but was sleep with waking up at 8am instead of 2pm.
    Plus it's snowing, first time this year.
  16. deferred dream

    deferred dream Well-Known Member

    Flashing - That is fantastic!! THREE victories: i) going out, ii)having fun, and iii)not purging. You did fantastic! Keep it up and keep sharing! I love reading these! You guys make me so happy. <3

    DoItYourself - We all love cookies. <3

    JohnnyC - That's great :D NyQuil is a helper the same way Advil makes my knee hurt less, nothing wrong at all with using that. :) And snow is beautiful. <3 I'd rather watch it inside, mostly. ;)

    Today victory: I opened up the window and aired out my room and burned some incense and meditated. Very peaceful. It made me happy.
  17. FlashingFlickering

    FlashingFlickering Well-Known Member

    I /attempted/ to get out of the house. Everyone is busy xD

    And I made good food C:
  18. doityourself

    doityourself Well-Known Member

    What did you cook?
  19. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I stepped outside that comfort zone i was in and i have decided to move forward be someone again
  20. deferred dream

    deferred dream Well-Known Member

    Flashing - Hey, the effort in itself is awesome. :) And good food is great! What did you make?

    Total - That is wonderful!! That first step outside of the comfort zone is like going from a nice, warm 76 degree house to a subzero winterland outside. SUPER UNCOMFORTABLE! But when you wrap yourself up in a jacket of self respect, you realize it's not a frightening place outside, it's a wonderland to explore. :) Keep us updated!

    My victory: I left the house for the first time in days! And I even made plans with someone this weekend, even though I really just wanted to hole up and disappear into myself.
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