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Smiling Depression

Yup...that is what I have. I smile through the day though I cannot wait for it to end. After the holiday season, I need to consider hospitalization. You know what is somewhat ‘funny’....one of the thIngs that keeps me from taking my life is now angry my husband would be at me if I did it...the other thing is that if I survive I will be stuck in a facility for life and that would cause embarrassment to my whole family....so I just keep on faking it and praying for a natural death sooner rather than later.

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I can understand. I don't want to fail and end up in a facility with all the judgment and bad stigma. I put on a smile and laugh at things I know should be funny. I hate my laugh because it is fake. I hope you find the support you need to make it through the holidays. Then if you do need to go to hospital, I hope it helps

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