smoking weed and depression

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by dracolin, Sep 11, 2016.

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  1. dracolin

    dracolin New Member

    i have been smoking weed for over 5 years, and whenever i am without it i just wanna end it all..

    i can't stand being sober, i wish i was high all the time
    sometimes i wish i never started smoking, so i wouldn't know the pleasure and medical benefits it would give me. Whenever my dealer is out of town or i can't find bud.. i just get really down and can't be happy no matter what.

    I have good hobbies like playing guitar in a band, skateboarding, videogames, etc
    i'm in college as well, but i just have no focus on what i want to do with my life, just everything feels pointless...

    I think i have bipolar disorder and major depersonalization (i just don't feel like a person anymore, just an entity, an alien looking at the world around me in disgust..)

    anyone else try to use mmj for their depression or other symptoms? do you also feel suicidal without it?
  2. Dikta

    Dikta Autistic.

    I'm sorry you feel like you do, but don't end it. Things will get better, when you're not high.

    I haven't personally tried it, but one in my family does it, and for the same reasons. So I kinda get it in a way, like it's a way to escape and such.

    But have you tried contacting a doctor or so, to get it confirmed if you have a diagnosis or?
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  3. Freya

    Freya Loves SF Staff Member ADMIN SF Author

    Maijuana withdrawl is now a recognised condition. Maijuana creates a dependency (a dependency means that the user does not feel physically or emotionally okay without it - vs an addiction which is characterised by the prioritising of a substance or thing above anything else). The symptoms of Maijuana withdrawl (which you pretty much certainly have if you have been using it for 5 years) are depression, anxiety, apathy, insomnia, worry, mood swings and detachment.

    Maijuana has no recognised medicinal properties for treating psych conditions, though many people use it (like many people use alcohol for short term 'feel better' even though it is a well known depressant that actually makes everything worse when the effects wear off), it is IS recognised to make psych conditions worse from overuse.

    You need to stop kidding yourself that it is 'medicine' - if it were medicine it would be prescribed. Self medicating for self diagnosed conditions you "think" you have is not going to make anything any better. You need to get some help with dealing with the drug dependency and getting properly diagnosed if there is a medical psych issue as well. I know that is way way easier said than done when it feels so incredibly shitty when you're not using - sadly that is how dependency works (and how dependency becomes addiction).

    I really hope you see a doctor and discuss your dependency and withdrawl symptoms and get help getting off the drug. Once you have got rid of the withdrawl issues you can see if what you think are psych issues persist, and if they do you can get real treatment for them.

    Good luck.
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  4. sarahlamenteuse

    sarahlamenteuse New Member

    although you think marijuana releases the pain it just makes you more fragile, it enhances depression. I fucked up myself with marijuana last year, when starting to smoke I cant stop for days and cant sleep any longer, blank thoughts for hours during marijuana insomnias go along with crazy ideas. Getting off the rails of life.
  5. Same but I have things planned for me that are better with or without weed, I guess is patience and planning that eases it all .
  6. Kenny___s

    Kenny___s Member

    It used to be the only thing that helped me but you need to find something else because it won't always help
  7. Gabor

    Gabor Member

    im trying to avoid any drugs to alleviate my pain, it doesnt seem good solution but maybe if it has medical benefits
  8. Katyria

    Katyria Member

    All of my doctors have told me I should stop smoking but I don't know if I can. I definitely feel your pain, I am starting to think it may be better if I get off of it too.
  9. DrownedFishOnFire

    DrownedFishOnFire Seeing is Believing Forum Pro SF Supporter

    Not sure about people with mental illness but Marijuana made me paranoid. Very. Its not a drug of choice for someone like me however at the same hand I have family who smokes it for medical purposes and it truly takes them off bottles of pain pills however they do not have mental illness or I don't know about it. One swears that it makes his arm/back pain go away better than 100s dollars of prescription pain pills. Its being legalized in the US as time goes @Freya people want it legal

    Perhaps its the same for you it alleviates your emotion but its kinda concerning how fast you hit that downside. What quality you are getting vs quanity you're smoking and frequency as I'm no expert in that area. Sorry to be a rash in assuming if you're a college student and only have one same drug dealer it might be a crapshoot what kind you're getting and its source. Dealers are now selling them laced with something so be careful and be smart about it.
  10. Mandiah89

    Mandiah89 Member

    I have been using marijanna for roughly 12 years... for the first few years I used it as an escape and socially. The next few years I claimed i used it medicinally and only within the last few months I feel like I should try to stop smoke at least every day a few times a day. I feel like recently the more I smoke the worst my depression gets. Only way to know if it's truly helping or hurting you would be to stop for a good length of time and see how you feel. That's what I plan on doing if I can find it in me to quote smoking pot. Wish you all the best.
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