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smthing that will never end;;;

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by life, Sep 4, 2007.

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  1. life

    life Well-Known Member

    I dont know why am i writing this but i felt like i have to share my feelings tonight ....Where ever i go who ever i talk i dont feel like ME...Maybe its a disoder or my personality i dont know but it hurts....Jelousy towards other people ...I cant have words to explain this..No one understands me and neevr will....I cant blame nobody for this !...:sad:.....i try a lot but it cycles and i have to start all from the begging.....every year the same shit!....then depression hits me!...Sometimes i want to give up and not try but my heart cant handle it;...time is running out ....every minute every hour i am getting far way from my self....doing down and down...I just cant take it anymore.....i cant..Soon hopefully i will be in peace:sad:.....:sad:
  2. nzjbs

    nzjbs New Member

    I feel just how you feel. I do think that I spend so much time being paranoid about how awkward I feel around other people and how no one understands. No one is like you, because we are all so complex and different, that is a good thing, something to embrace though surely?
    I wish I could follow my own advice, as I feel like you but all I can say is, I understand. x
  3. JustWatchMeChange

    JustWatchMeChange Well-Known Member

    I feel the same way. The way I feel today I think I would commit suicide if I were suicidal. But just like a gambler never knows then that royal flush is coming his way, I never know what might happen tomorrow. So I choose to stay and fight.

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