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    I wrote this one after my ex idiot contacted me last time, trying to convince myself I was crazy, and the things he did admit to doing was only what I deserved...

    You showed your face,
    The one beneath your mask,
    And you only proved;
    That I always knew better.
    I wrote the book;
    And you recited every word...
    In you claiming my madness,
    You highlighted your own sickness...
    And I know I am better now,
    Now that you're miles away,
    And you no longer own me,
    And any of my silly delusions...
    You were only just a snake,
    Who laced your words with kindness,
    And softened your cleft tongue with honey,
    So put the mask back on,
    If you must,
    For I can't unsee what I saw today.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.