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Snow makes me want to Die.

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Man, it is snowing outside, and it is beautiful.

Understanding that I will never be able to enjoy it......

Well, nearly brings tears to my eyes.

This sucks :(

left behind

i was just talking to a girl from california, she says it sometines snows over there

i thought it was the sunshine state-weird :blink:


i know how u feel

my current depression started when i first saw the snow this year, a week ago, brought back so many sad souvenirs,
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jane doe

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i think snow is like rain. here in argentina specially where i live, doesn´t snow. but when it rains the sky gets so dark it seems the world is gonna end. i think that snow and rain bring cold and we feel alone when it´s cold around us, so then we feel bad only becasue we don´t have someone to share that moment...but why do you say you´ll never enjoy it?


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It's a beautiful summer day here in Australia. The sky is a pleasant shade of hazy grey because of smoke from bushfires. Just darling.

As for you, Bob. Some people get seasonal depression, where they get depressed in winter. I have a mate that gets it not too badly, but even though he is as strong as a pillar, by August he's quite often down in the dumps. Maybe you've got this same thing.


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Maybe I should read Bob's posts to found out why he won't enjoy it. ???

Seasonal depression for me is Summer. Texas, drought, 100+ degree days, endless sun, sun, sun, sun, sun, sun... everything drying up... dying. My hope and soul dying along with it all... I can certainly imagine the hell of living "up-north". You can have it. I have my own hell to deal with.

I don't know... I used to enjoy the cold, grey days of fall and winter... the wind blowing... the leaves falling. The relief from scorching sun and stifling humidity... Now, I don't to care about any of it. It means nothing.
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