So Angry and Bitter.

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    I'm not going to accept the blame for your going to prison! YOU BEAT UP A PREGNANT WOMAN!!! And to that stupid, ignorant, holy-rolling C**T that is letting you live at her house and wiping your immature 31 year old ass: IT DOESNT MATTER IF I CALLED THE POLICE OR NOT THAT DAY!!! HE DESERVED TO GO TO PRISON FOR WHAT HE DID TO ME!!! Why cant you understand that? Are you a total idiot? AND YET YOU WERE ATTEMPTING TO BLAME ME TOO!!! I know that its because you are so fucking dumb that you are letting these two bastards manipulate you into thinking it was my fault somehow. You actually asked me on the phone whether I had "provoked" him that night. As if that gave him the right. As if I "brought it on myself." Are you implying that I deserved to be beaten when I was two months pregnant? Go ahead and take the abusers side: thats how fucking stupid you are. You are a disgrace to your gender; you sicken me. The funny thing is that, that wasn't even the incident that landed him in prison. Actually, he was offered another chance to stop being a scumbag piece of shit--but he decided to go out drinking THE SAME DAY that he visited his parole officer for that first time. Back to the scumbag: HOW IS IT MY FAULT THAT YOU GOT DRUNK AND ENDED UP IN A CORNFIELD?!!! How do you expect me to forgive you if you are blaming ME for your mistakes??? THE MISTAKES THAT HAVE REDUCED MY LIFE TO A LIVING HELL???!!! I feel taken aback. I feel disgusted and baffled by how you can think it was my fault. The thing is that we BOTH know who is at fault...its just that you are such a pathetic coward that you are now trying to convince yourself that you are not to blame because you cant handle the truth of what a piece of shit you really are. That stupid bitch likes to say "but he was an alcoholic" to excuse you for all the things youve done to me to destroy my life. Thats the lamest, most pitifal excuse Ive ever heard. I wonder if she would be saying that if I would have lost the baby that night? As long as nobody is unlucky enough to get killed by you than we can still excuse you because you have a drinking problem, right? What a perfect reprieve. But then again you always get a reprieve in the end, dont you? The whole time you were in prison you were calling me nonstop, saying how sorry you were that you wronged us so badly. Now that you are out its back to blaming me for everything; even when the identity of the culprit is as glaringly obvious as this. I hate you. I despise you. I rue the day I ever laid eyes on such a worthless, miserable creature such as you. I hope you die a horrible death. If you died today I wouldnt shed a single tear; Id be so happy. Youre just as worthless alive as you would be dead. Actually, you would serve a purpose if you were dead. I could find peace of mind and finally move on. Thats all I really want to do because I hate you so fucking much.