So, anyway, suicide.

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My girlfriend dumped me the other day, and I can't really see any reason to keep on going. I thought about hanging myself, but I have no way to make the drop, so I would have to die of strangulation, and that doesn't seem like a good way to go. I don't have access to guns or anything, and I don't want to steal my neighbor's guns, because I don't want him to feel like he had any part in it. I also have no garage so I can't sit in a car and let it fill up with exaust.

Anyway, any suggestions? I couldn't find a forum for these topics, so I decided to post it in "troubleshooting". I hope that isn't a problem.


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This is a prolife forum meaning we will not encourage suicide nor share methods.

Many here have been through breakups and many other struggles alike. We would love to offer you comfort and support during this time. I hope you will stick around for a while and give us a chance to support you.

I'm honestly flattered. I've never had anyone offer to help me through a problem of mine. I am a manic depressive, if that helps. Is there some kind of medicine I can take to make me happier?
This forum is for support not to offer methods of suicide, we are willing tohelp you thru this difficult but we will not you tips on how to achieve what you want to do. Please re-consider and stay with us, we will try our best to help you out in anyway

take care

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Get a new girlfriend.or go to a counselor(if u got the coinage, a good suicide councelor wil cost u $100-$350 a week) but their the ones who will prescribe anti depressants if tell the truth, i feel, the 2 best ways to get rid of depression, are Ant depressants, and friends(that includes intimate friends).


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its probably best to talk to a doctor if youre looking for meds to help you, it can take some time to find the right meds for you but there are loads out there that could help, do you think you would be able to talk to a doctor about how you feel? of course we're still here if you just want someone to talk to :hug:



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Only a doctor could help in the medicine department but perhaps there are others here who suffer the same illness and can share experiences with different medicines. There is a section on medication forum on this site that you can check out.

Perhaps we can also share how we dealt with painful breakups and give you some ideas on ways to cope.

Have you tried anything to help get your mind off of it such as hobbies or exercise. I know these things won't take away the pain you feel, only time and perhaps medication can help with that. But it might make it easier to keep you from thinking about it all the time.

Just remember although you are suffering you do deserve to feel happy and it would be an awful thing to lose you now that we are only just getting to know you.. :hug:


Edited: Sorry. I meant to type illness instead of disease. I was just reviewing some cards on diseases of the horse and it must have been in my brain.
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You are supposed to be a nice guy???! So, stop. post or write your thoughts on paper. I am Bi-polar and still struggle. Meds help, different psychiastric dr. will try different things. One will work for Joe, another for Ann. Keep trying...Also be courageous. Don't let the illness get you!!
Can PM ppl to chat personally too. We stick together.



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Ed Bi Polar can be such a tough illness to deal with,I suffer from Bi Polar,Ocd and BDD as well as experiencing panic attack's.It is extremely difficult going through the mood swing's that come with the illness,if you could see a dr and try some type of medication as TLA said what will work for one person may not work for another.
I know how frustrating it is with med's and the trial and error that com'es with it.The mood swing's do become very difficult to live your life productively,medication and therapy can play a big part in helping with the illness as well as talking to other's who have the same illness.
I constantly feel like wanting to give it all up going through the daily pain's of mood swing's,the ocd and everything else and constantly wonder is it all worth it?I hang in some how and I'm still here,knowing how hard the battle is and has alway's been.


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if makes you just wanna die but you cant you must stay strong and life on all though i dont see the reason in life but for all i know death could just as bad if not worse


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How you doing Nice Guy? I was just thinking about you and hopeing you are alright. I am glad your attempt to kill yourself did not work. Just as a reminder you can PM me with anything.

I woke up today and thought that today was a good day for suicide, so I need some recommendations in the next four hours, before the day is over, because then I have to wait until I find the next day that I feel is a good day for suicide. What has worked for you guys? Anything that I should avoid? If you guys don't help, I'll just hold my breath until I die at midnight.
Hi Eddie,

Sorry to be the one to inform you, but there's no where, nor anyone on this site that will give you any tip for suicide.. but rather to avoid it. If you need something to avoid something that you might do that might harm or endanger your life, talk to someone here about whats going on, post, place the posting games, check out chat. or pm on of us. I'm sorry to hear things seem so bleak for you right now, I'll let you know that I'm more than willing to listen if you need to talk.. other than that there's no methods for suicide here.. rather methods to stay safe and make things better as best we can

Take care


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I'm also manic depressive so I know how tough that can be.

I really hope you reconsider, your life is valuable and losing your girlfriend doesn't change that. Look at lit this way, with allllll the people in the world there is bound to be someone right for you. Don't give up hope.

Do you think after your suicide your girl will feel sorry about this? Do you think ater your suicide thing will change? Life is worth more than one woman dumping you. You was born alone even though your girl firend will not dump you now, you may dump her in anyway in case of death, etc... You still have more girl who is waiting for you and care about you but at this moment you cannot find yet why have to spoil your life for just one person who make you unhappy. ALso if she did not dump you but will you feel happy to be with her who decide not to dump you but became dishonest to you.
So, I thought I'd come back and give you guys an update about nine months later of how things went for me. I took your advice and buried myself alive. I did it in my back yard, but then my mom dug me up and grounded me. After that I gave up. Thanks anyway for your help.

Anyway, there's another matter that I would like help with. What do you guys know about killing other people? Do you have any tips, or are you only good at killing yourselves? I'd like to deliver a huge payload of death to my ex-girlfriend and was hoping there was an easy way to do it. You know, something I could pick up at Lowes this afternoon. Ideally I would get to kill her in a very personal way, like a garden hoe to the face. Something like that. In any case, no bombs or anything of that nature. Not only is it impersonal, but it's overdone in my home town. Every time someone is murdered it's with a bomb. SNORE. I don't want to be jumping on a bandwagon here, I want to be original! And if we can, I'd like to do it with a budget of $5 or less. That's all I get for allowance, and I don't have any saved up.


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I'm sorry, nobody here will tell you how to hurt or kill yourself or others as well.
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ive you have manic-depression, most likely you need medications.. mainly a mood stabalizer. see your doctor,or psychiatrist xx
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