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    hi, im 16, not really sure what to say about my sexual orientation right now :/ im a girl and lately (over the past year ish) have been wondering if i am gay, but i only started thinking about it when i found out one of my tumblr friends was gay but ever since i cant stop thinking about it, but i dont want to 'come out' or talk to any of my friends about it cause what if im not? any advice would be great :)
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    It is natural through the teenage years to not always know what orientation you are. There are a fair few differing ones, heterosexual, gay/lesbian, asexual, pansexual - that all have different attributes. The only way to clearly know would be to fall in love. Equality is often under-rated, as people can be judgemental about these kinds of topics, but here on this site, there will be people who don't judge, there will be people who are of a variety of orientations too. But above all, we are all people, and we should, if we follow rules in place, earn and learn respect.

    Welcome to SF.
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    I struggled to figure my sexual orientation through high school and especially through college. I'm still learning things about myself, it's an ongoing process. If you feel you may be gay or maybe just bisexual...maybe you could even be polysexual or pansexual. It's something you'll figure out, you just need to give yourself a chance to and not be afraid to explore your feelings. :)
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    Well, you still have a while to figure it out, because I was still confused about my sexuality as a teenager, but it all came together as an adult. You don't have to come out to anyone who might not understand you, in fact you don't have to come out at all if you don't want to. I usually only discuss my sexuality if people ask me directly.
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    It's completely normal to not be sure. And you don't need to be sure right away. Your feelings will guide you. Just trust how you feel.