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So confused

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by soulhunger, May 22, 2007.

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  1. soulhunger

    soulhunger New Member

    I've tried to kill myself a few times now, never successfully. I took < modedit-gentlelady-methods> I told my mom, and she just said that it won't do anything, that I should just go to bed and leave her alone. I know I'm stressing her out, which is why I have to die. I see no other option, really. I think just my being alive is making her miserable, and I really don't know what else I can do. I really don't have anything to complain about, because from what I've read, everyone else has such serious problems, while mine are just nothing. I don't really know what to do, and I'm just so confused. I can't do anything, really. I don't think I'll graduate from high school, I don't see myself getting any kind of job, I can't see myself going to college. I think eventually my mom would just kick me out of the house, and I'd have nowhere to go. I want to just end it now, because I'm seeing a very bleak future so far. I just can't find the willpower to do it yet.

    Sorry if what I wrote was kind of incoherent, I'm tired at the moment.
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  2. RainbowChaser

    RainbowChaser Well-Known Member

    Please get some medical help if you can. Although your mum says it won't do anything, she's wrong in some respects - it probably won't kill you, but the other effects it can have are pretty bad, for example:

    I know you don't think that your problems are as bad as everyone else's, but if something's making you feel this way then it is bad.

    I really hope that you're okay :hug:
  3. ybt

    ybt Guest

    this is getting pretty close to methods
  4. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    You say that you have nothing to complain about and your problems are not as serious as everyone elses. The severity of the problem really has no bearing on how bad we feel. What has a strong impact on one person may have no impact on someone else. It is all in how we are able to process things and deal with them. Your problems are every bit as real as anyone here. They cause you to feel like ending your life. Please don't inimize them because you feel they are not much in comparison to others.

    Rainbow chaser is correct. Although you may not have taken enough to actually kill you, there may be ramifications that need to be dealt with by medical professionals. Please get checked out. I hope things turn out okay for you. Take care and thank you for posting here. :hug:
  5. soulhunger

    soulhunger New Member

    Thank you very much for the responses. I ended up going to the hospital this morning, and just got back.

    I'm happy to see people who care, but to be honest, I still don't see a way out right now. I'll give it some time though, and see what comes along.
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