So Damn Frustrated and Depressed...

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Andrew983450, Apr 13, 2007.

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  1. Andrew983450

    Andrew983450 New Member

    My name is Andrew and I am an earlier goer of highscool. I am very very upset right now and I feel as if I want to kill myself very badly. This is not the first time I wanted to kill myself a couple times in the last year ive been getting thoughts. This typ eof situation has happened a few times in the past but this one seems like the worst. My situation is that I have a bunch of friends who like to hang out a lot, its friday afternoon right now, and most them have sports practice. Its hard to reach them and they usually do something, and usually i see them later. But this time its different, first i call one he says he is not doing anything so i take his word, but then try calling a bunch of th eother people... all them do not answer then I call the first one up again, and he just answers and hangs up, then i send text messages asking why they are avoiding me, i just get replies saying go away... The problem is I am easily offended, and on the firday afternoon like this where I am VERY BORED, things like these make me so dman depressed. The same kid who said go away Ive been friends with for a long time, but half the time hes so damn annoying and always tried just to make fun of people. I know some of you might think that I migh tnot pick the best ideal friends but most of them are much better... the problem is they all are centered among this one kid who is large, sort of smart but stupid obnoxious crap who thinks he owns everything. Also other friends I have outside this group I just cant get with for some reason. The first group im friends with iv ebeen friends with them for a long time, but at school I dont have ANY classes with them, and basicly im centered among a bunch of other people I talk to a lot at school but dont outside of school, so I just have nowhere else to go. I cant tell my parents tha tI am depressed because I guess im too god damn shy. Please I need help bad.
  2. Scum

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    Hi Andrew, welcome to the site.

    Firstly it sounds like you need help for the way you are feeling. Is there a teacher you could talk to at school? Or a school counsellor? What about your parent/guardian? If you can talk to someone, hopefully they will help you get some help so that you don't feel so wretched anymore.

    If you are shy, or scared of talking, maybe you could write it down and then give them the letter. You wouldn't have to be there when they read it, but it might be an easier way for you to communicate than to verbally say it.

    Second, it sounds like your 'friends' are not the kind of friends that you deserve. It sounds like a group of decent people, led by a bully, which makes the others act badly because they are scared. Could you maybe try joining some clubs or something to find some people with similar interests to yours?

    I'm not going to tell you to totally dump your friends because things don't work like that, but if you could have more friends, then hopefully situations like this would bother you less.

    No one likes to feel left out and separated like you probably feel now, and if you had other friends to spend time with, that probably would happen less and less.

    Hang in there and keep fighting
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