So done with my depression

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  1. Nithin Adarsh

    Nithin Adarsh Banned Member

    Oh god!
    I'm so freakin depressed..
    I can't focus on mind has shutdown completely.. And my condition gets worse after I eat which is weird..I'd like to know the reason behind it.
    If this persists I might end up on streets with no job or friends or anyone to support.
  2. JmpMster

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    It is hard and it has a very big impact on ones life. What are you doing to treat it ? When was last time they looked at what doing to consider changing things?
  3. Petal

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    Do you have nausea relating to anxiety? That is what jumped out at me when reading your post 'cos I suffered from that for a long time, it was actually my first symptom before getting very mentally ill. Please tell us more about what is going on for you and we will try and help. Please see your doctor about it, could be nothing, could be something, it's not worth the risk just from a doctors visit! ((hugs)) and I hope your day has got better.
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  4. Nithin Adarsh

    Nithin Adarsh Banned Member

    I'm taking medications and try to relax all day bro.Nothing more than that,I guess
  5. Nithin Adarsh

    Nithin Adarsh Banned Member

    No sis..I don't have nausea..but I get so depressed after eating...after each and every meal..And at the morning times before bowel movements I even feel suicidal..This symptom has been there for 3 months and it still didn't go.I'm so frustrated at this...Everyday is a battle for me to live..idk how this goes or ends or whatever.I feel so hopeless sis :(
    Tbh I don't wanna live this life living cos of my parents...I don't wanna hurt em..idk how this goes..only god must know if he exists
  6. SillyOldBear

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    Hey Nithin, so sorry this is continuing for you. Have you tried different meds? It can take a while to find the right one. And it can be tough until you do. But it is worth the effort. Have you ever been able to relate specific foods to your depression after eating? That might be something worth looking into. Food allergies can do strange things to a person. Including disrupting bowel movements. Have you thought about checking with a nutritionist. A good one might be able to help you out. Please don't give up. Have faith that this will past and that better things await you.
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  7. Nithin Adarsh

    Nithin Adarsh Banned Member

    Thank you brother :)