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    If anyone could say anything to me to keep me from being so down, I would greatly appreciate it. I am currently feeling fat, worthless, and like I do not deserve any of the things I have. My family is so supportive of me, but I do not participate in their lives as I should. My husband does everything because he knows I am not well, mentally speaking.

    I should have had a great day today. I went out to see a Major League Baseball game with my two kids and my husband and a bunch of other families. But while there were some moments of enjoyment, I just felt, for the most part, very depressed.

    Is there anything I should be doing or could be doing to make me feel less depressed? Sometimes I just want to drive away from everything and never look back, or go to sleep forever. Or be diagnosed with cancer. I've had two friends die recently of cancer. They both led such wonderful lives and were wonderful people. Why couldn't that have been me???

    My husband is the better person in the relationship. He does everything. He would be better off with someone else. Maybe I should just ask for a divorce. Maybe then I would feel less guilty about not participating in my family's life.
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    The only thing that brings some light into the darkness is the smile of my grandchildren the light in their eyes and in their hearts Hold onto your children smiles ok hold onto their laughter and the way the see the world If you are not taking medication maybe ask your doctor about something or get some therapy as well it works It has kept me going
    Your children need you remember that ok don't leave them with such a burden or sadness in their hearts No one would be better off without you that is the depression telling you lies exercise suppose to increase dopamine levels in your brain which can take some depression away. Keep hold of all the good moments ok they will remind you their is happiness to be felt
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    Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your struggles and problems. Don't give up yourself. Mentally winning the battle is very important. Start thinking about positive thoughts. try new things you've never done before. become spontaneous. take that extra step to do something that you aren't use to. You may think everyday gets worst but take a charge. you have a loving and supportive husband that backs you. wake up every morning with positive thoughts telling yourself you will accomplish new goals. don't be so hard on yourself. prayer is power. i wish you the best.
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    Hello and welcome, I am really sorry to hear of your struggles, I think you are a pretty strong person and may still be grieving from your friends death. I think you should engage in counselling and maybe your relationship with your husband could get better, maybe try marriage counselling. If you are seriously considering suicide pleaseget professional help. You can also PM me any time you want. Best of luck to you and i'm sorry for your losses.
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    Find hobbies to distract you from depression. What do you like to do? What do you remotely enjoy? Whatever it is, I would stick to it and grasp it. Dearly sorry you've lost friends, but I think you may have found the source of your problems, if not a symptom.

    The point is, if you immerse yourself in a hobby, it may not make you want to think of the negative aspects in life. It'll keep you distracted for the most part and may help fill any voids you may not have suspected.