So far gone.

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  1. destroythesethoughts

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    "who is that girl?" you ask yourself, when you see her for the first time in months.
    She looks different. She's no longer that cheerful girl in the bright colors with a happy smile.
    No, She's the complete opposite.
    She's traded her bright colors for dark, baggy clothes. Her smile is gone.
    Her eyes are cold and lifeless.
    Dark circles are formed under her eyes.
    It's the middle of summer and she's in long sleeves.
    You wonder what's happened to her.
    "aren't you hot in that?" you ask her.
    But she doesn't even reply. She just tugs the sleeves of her oversized sweatshirt over her hands and looks away.
    She can't even look you in the eyes and tell she's okay anymore.
    Because she's grown too tired to lie.
    She's traded in the lies for silence.
    No one ever noticed her cries for help.
    No one realized that the drinking and the drugs wasn't just for "fun"
    She wasn't staying out late, hanging out with people twice her age just for the thrill of it.
    She was masking the pain with drugs and alcohol.
    She had no where else to turn.
    She picked up a razor one night and just barely scratched the skin.
    The rush of the pain excited her.
    So the scratches turned to deeper cuts. Until she had an arm full of various cuts and scars.
    But where were you when that happy girl was self destructing?
    Were you there by her side, telling her to stop before it was too late?
    No. You stood back and lived your own life. Ignoring the girl that was in love with you for years.
    It was easier for you to turn away then actually lend a shoulder for her to cry on.
    Just like everyone else did, you let her go.
    Now she's gone and you want her back?
    It doesn't work like that.
    She always needed you the most out of everyone but you turned your back on her.
    Now look. You can't even recognize her face anymore.
    She's too far gone for anyone to ever pull her back up.
    And now you wish you could take it all back.
    You wish you could just take away her pain.
    But it's far too late.
  2. Petal

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    Very sad but great writing!
  3. destroythesethoughts

    destroythesethoughts Active Member

    Thank you so much!
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