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So far we are

They called it psychosis, delirium. I wish it would be like this. Even here.
It s no life.
It s likely the end. They won t never stop.
It doesn t matter u never hurt anyone. Doesn t matter u look not to hurt anyone. Doesn t matter you re a good person. They won t never stop.
Tired of it. Labels. Be studied. Be what.
Even by those choices, never did bad things to others.
Why am I even writing this. I know, close ppl to me knows who really i am. But THEY don t stop. And never will. And it hurts.
Sworn a friend i wouldn t try it again and it s hard not to keep my word.
Here we are. Best clothes on, make-up.


woman overboard
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Who is 'they'? Do you mean somebody specific, or just society in general?
It can definitely be exhausting keeping up the things that are expected.

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