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so fed up!

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of life

i'm fed up of trying to be the best i can, but at the same time always being critizized for my efferts.
i litirally can not do this- just today i probably hurt a lot of people with out even realising it- said some really harsh words (and made comments about people that don't deserve it). i just feel so enclosed today......

i just feel so enclosed today, like i'm in some kind of bubble and can't get out

please make it stop?



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Apologize for what you said and move on...we all do things like this, especially when we are in a lot of pain...anyone who cares about you will be there to repair the relationship...I know first hand as I had to do this myself yesterday...J


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idk. like SE said, maybe just apologize. and then maybe just forgive yourself. you know that you are trying your best, so people who are criticizing you don't really understand. maybe try just clearing your mind, breathe, try to let go of the stress
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