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So freaking angry.

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Oh. My. God.

I just typed out this long as hell rant straight from the heart..
I go to post it..
I need to sign in again.
I sign in again.
It no work.
I sign in again.
POOF all my typing gone.

I am so angry now.
I dont normally go to tell anyone about how I feel cos I'm afraid of negative repocussions such as judgement, awkwardness, pity, and being misunderstood..

So I go and type out everything I've ever wanted to say about how I feel,
cos hey I would rather tell a bunch of anonymous people who I will never meet in real life because they probably wont judge me (based on the type of site this is)

but noo it doesnt want me to.


oh well, just another example of something stupid that i shouldn't get so worked up over but do to add to the list.


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hey you didn't need to have that happen when you're already angry...
that's really annoying..
I always try to remember to 'copy' before I refresh on here now...it's happened to many of us too many times..
how you feeling now?


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Oh no you're entitled to get angry. It has happened to me sooo many times. And it gets me so angry because it's hard to get all the thoughts and feelings out. When you finally do and the system acts up, it makes you feel like what you need to say isnt important. Yeah I know it's just a computer and a system. Incapable of feeling. But it sure is capable of making people feel things they dont want to. Please know that your feelings and thoughts are important and when you do get them out in a post here, people read it and care :arms:
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