So happy about dying - but at night always nightmares

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Julia-Moniquè, Oct 15, 2012.

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  1. Julia-Moniquè

    Julia-Moniquè New Member

    Hi Guys,
    Even while being happy of killing and reincarnating this body, there is still some fear of death left.
    At night, I have these nightmares, I always had before a suicide takes place (I plan the suicides some months ahead) and now the nightmares starting again!
    At daytime I am happy to die, to never again see this disgusting body and to reincarnate it, but at night the fear comes, the nightmares come..........with rational thinking death is so great and the one and only solution and I don`t have fear because I will do the Reincarnation in Thailand, and because of that such a shit life like this can never happen again to me, but in my inner soul I cannot overcome the fear of dying.
    It`s like some stupid phobia, for example your rational thinking says spiders are harmless, but if you see one, you have total fear and want to get away, you are still afraid of it even if you exactly KNOW that no harm will be caused to you.

    The same goes for death, you know that no harm will be done to you, (mod edit.. exploicit method) the next step will be reincarnation, but the fear is still there!
    The fear of the unknown, the "what if...." thoughts, what if this shit existence has been your only one, or what if the reincarnation fails like this one?
    Death has still some risks, like failed reincarnations!

    How can I overcome these irrational fears of dying?
    I trust on the fact that my death will occur in Thailand which will 100% ensure to prevent such a bullsh*t existence like this, ever again, I trust on the fact (ore merely idea) that the energy in the bain, the electric EEG energy which is the consciousness of a human, is released from the body after death and can only do the "spark of new life" in the developing but yet sleeping brain of a random unborn child some hundret meters around ------- this is my idea of reincarnation.
    But how far can I trust the reincarnation?
    It`s so random!
    In next life, I can be the most low-life on earth with no hope no money no nothing and getting sick and die with 25 or living as a hobo in a slum with alcohol as one and only friend and most important thing in life, or I can get be the most cute beautyqueen body with 1000 friends and lovely and rich parents and a good rich adolescent life in big suburb houses with big garden and parties and marriage ---------------- you see what follows after death is pure random, I can do NOTHING to control it, to force a "right" reincarnation happen.
    From a scientific point of view, there is no Karma and no reward for having been good or anything else after death, it`s just setting the electric field which is your consciousness in your synaptic net free, and getting a random new body. You can observe this theory of no Karma around you in your every-day life, the most disgusting hating bad and evil witches and bitches, ALWAYS get every possible luck in life, the most money, the most loving husband, maybe even win in the lottery after drunk-driving someone dead and yadda-yadda-yadda, looks like the more evil and disgusting someone is, the more luck in life comes. So you see, there is no such thing as Karma or f*cking goooooood or whatever who "loves and rewards you for beeing good" or things like that.
    I have a pure scientific view of reincarnation!

    I don`t ask you how to control reincarnation, I just want to overcome the fear of this pure random body one gets after death.
    It`s the fear of the unknown, and even if my rational thinking says "just do it in Thailand, in Thailand such a shit existence like this, is completely impossible no matter what gender you will have and how much money you will have!"
    But there is still the fear of the unknown.
    And because of that, my inner soul and deep inner feeling reject death as a solution, even if >>I<< - the rational thinking - do.
    And because of that, the nightmares, the diffuse fear.
    Is there a way to overcome this fear?

    Thanks for reading.
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  2. WildCherry

    WildCherry Staff Member ADMIN

    First of all, welcome to the site.

    SF is strictly a pro-life site, so you aren't going to find the kind of answer you're seeking. The site is here to offer support, and to encourage members to reach out for help, talk to someone... to find ways of living instead of dying.
  3. Aria11

    Aria11 Member

    Just like WildCherry pointed out, we don't see death as the answer. If you want to live, then we give you the support you need. But to answer you briefly, you are probably having those nightmares as you unconsciously know suicide is not the answer. No matter how crappy your life might be, it can be turned around only if you believe it and work hard to get there. Stop focusing on reincarnation, it is not scientific, probably a myth and you are better off just living the life you were given!
  4. Moat

    Moat Banned Member

    To start with your opening question, it is okay to fear dying - it might be natural ad everyone who has and ever will ever lived, will meet it some day,, but there no reason to fear it. It is simply a transition from what you have now to a different place entirely. While alive, it is okay to be afraid of death, but you must not lose sight of what you have around you right now - the beautiful flora and pretty fauna, if there is some way, in your mind set, you should enjoy what you have around now that will bring you peace. Why worry and concern yourself with death, when you have so much outside that can you live and enjoy?
    A friend told me once, long ago, that everyone is too afraid to live. Dying is easy - living is the real challenge and each day you manage to stay alive, the more you experience the World in its beauty, be it the kindness of those around you, family families, complete strangers.... not to mention enjoy your time swimming and/or surfing at the beach or any any number of sports or enjoy yourself with your friends at the local pub (if you are old enough).

    I think that instead of thinking only of death, you should continue to live - find a meaning that you are meant for in life.
    It is so easy to quit, but when you are gone, could you forgive yourself for everything that never had never even tried to live?
  5. forsaken1

    forsaken1 Member

    With all due respect, there is no such thing as a scientific point of view over reincarnation, it doesn't exist, you're making this up and is a made up belief. I am not encouraging suicide, but the reality is that the only way to get your fear over this is to comprehend that is not a real thing, just like gods and mysterious supernatural places are not real either. It makes no sense.

    Second, where do you get the idea that the energy in the brain somehow keeps reproducing itself after death and travel about the atmosphere to then replace an existing one in some fetus or something like that lol, that's a pretty dumb idea. The energy is just destroyed and transferred, meaning it dissipates and ceases to exist as it is, the process of energy creation is transferred to worms eating your body and plants growing out in the earth. Plus and most importantly, its not the energy that makes up the consciousness, its just part of its mechanism, a more important component of consciousness is the neural network, which is dysfunctional and destroyed after death.

    Death is in fact Death, plain and simple, you cease to completely exist, get over it and your fear will go away.
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