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So happy!!! :D

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Ahhhh, I'm so happy!!! :biggrin: I haven't stopped grinning since I got up this morning (I had a dream about giant insects with horribile hairy feelers living under my bed *huge shudder* so I can't say since I *woke* up...)

:bounce: (actually, I did do this last night :shy: Note to self: do NOT do it. Not while wearing a non-underwired bra. That way lies pain and, if I'm being exaggerative, black eyes :tongue: )

And so. Why is the mad one so happy, you ask.
Or perhaps you don't need to ask :laugh: It's probably obvious if you've spoken to me for like more than 5 minutes lately :laugh:

Well, anyway. I have to go 'learn' now :dry: Hopefully I will be back on later...and maybe in chat around lunchtime to bounce some more (and no, that's not code for an orgy :tongue: although that would be the usual lunchtime goings-on!!)
Take care, chickadees :biggrin:

Lauren x


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:smile: great to see you so happy, Lauren :smile:
Bounce around as much as you can and want :laugh:, and hold on to that feeling, dear !
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