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so happy,,,

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for no reason ive decided today that i was going to see EVERYTHING more positive. im happy hyper and have decided to diet from now one (one tangerine, one salad per day) and that i was going to start running again. in venezuela i used to run 2 hrs per day and i would rarely eat- and i can do it again (ohhh i want to train for Bilbao, the bull run) just saw my psychologist and my shrink and they certainly werent happy with what i told them, but at the same time they told me they were happy. :wink: even have said i would start a Catalan class. just thought i tell all of you that im feeling great:biggrin:
Love, Beret
Awe that is AWESOME! Cherish these days, the feeling is absolutely awesome isn't it? I love those days! I am glad you're having such a good day!!!!! I hope your week is amazing too!!!!1 :)
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