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so hard!

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Should I of come back to this website? I don't really know anyone.. And I don't really know if you can help me, this is my 3rd post today and I didn't get many replies to my others so hopefully people will reply to this one?
I don't think I should of come back because all of my posts are just going to be negative anyway.. I'm just a waste of space!
But anyway I made this post because of how low I am, I cannot stop thinking of not being here, but yes I feel like this a lot, I just hope people understand?
I have tried so many times, some of you may already know this because of last time, sorry for being so negative :(
Friends needed pleasee? :'(
Also please can someone help me? Through PM? Or add me to msn?
Pleaseeeeee? Just need someone instead of being alone! :'(
No nothing happened to trigger it, don't know why I am so low :( its just because I am still here I think, because I don't want to be.. Really really had enough
i know what it's like to feel that bad. it's terrible. it seems like things will never get better. when that happens i make bargains with myself (like i do with self harm). i tell myself not tonight. i can always kill myself tomorrow, but just for tonight i won't do it. like, tonight i won't cut. then when it's tomorrow, i recommit for that day. so i keep putting it off.

have you been diagnosed with depression or another mental illness (like bipolar)? maybe you have a chemical imbalance that you are fighting. it can take a while to get the right combo of meds from the doctor. don't give up just yet, i'm sure they'll figure it out.

you mentioned on the other thread you aren't getting good support from your therapist. i'd really encourage you to find someone new. it can make a real difference. i adore my therapist but it took a couple months with a really bad one before i made the switch. i'm glad i found her.

talk soon

Well I got told by quite a lot of people that I had depression and I got referred to this therapist place, and while I was waiting to be given a therapist I was speaking to another person there just while I was waiting and they were talking to me about depression, and I knew that I had all of the symptoms of depression, but now after being with my therapist for over 2 months she now tells me they don't think I have depression.. And I'm confused.. She doesn't think there is anything wrong with me, if I didn't have anything wrong with me why would I try to kill myself and why would I self harm?
I have tried to stop self harm but I can't because its the only way I cope

Thank you for your support :hug:
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