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I will begin by saying I had the perfect life, beautiful wife, money health just everything but I was always depressed or not too crazy about living. Since a few months ago my wife and I started to have problems and now she finally left me. I have just realized that she was the only thing that kept me from killing myself. I have spoken to friends and counselors and the only thing that alleviates the pain is hearing her voice. <mod edit allofme... method..>
I can’t live without her and I know that with her is not an option anymore. I really want this pain to go away. I wish I would have realized what she meant to me before it was too late. I don’t know how people here feel about this but I’m desperately trying for someone to tell me something that will help because I just can deal with the pain.
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hi i am expericing the same sort of thing at this moment in time, my boyfriend continually tries to leave me but i beg him not to because i know without him i would definitley end it all. You need to tell her this tell her how you feel how she is your everything and without her you are alone you need her. If she truley loves you or cares for you as a friend she will stick by you.
she has tried multiple times before but never when I understood my problem the way that I do now. now I think she is just fed up and thinks that I will not actually do it.

if i knew for a fact that there is nothing when you die i would do it, if i knew that hell is just living in a lake of fire i would do it but if what is waiting for me on the other side is a constant reminder of how much I love her and that if I would have sought out help earlier I would still have her, that just terrifies me.


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Oh Broke, my husband of 10 years just walked out on me with out any warning I know so well how bad the pain your feeling is.
I feel absolutely busted up inside and seem to cry all the time.
i can only say, stay with us here, we will help support u and give u an ear when ever u need it.
God knows I do understand your pain...going thru it myself.
So come into the chat room and we will be your friends


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sorry i had to edit your post.. we dont allow methods and try to edit them out when possible... i really am sorry that you are having such a hard time.. i think that you should remember that as long as you are alive there is always hope that you can recover and possibly reunite with your wife.. do you think if you go to couples therapy she would believe that you are serious about healing and moving forward...

you know if you make strong efforts to seek help and your wife sees that .. she may give you another try .. but regardless of what she does .. you should try to find help for you....

keeping my fingers crossed for you...
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