...so high and so mighty.

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    Self-esteem is founded on circumstances

    take away or change the circumstances

    for the worse and the esteem shall fail.

    Happiness that is founded on fun

    will fail because fun cannot be maintained

    enjoyment is the hardest work with the least reward.

    A change of environment disappoints

    the get away from it all fails because when you arrive

    you discover that you are there and you always spoil things.

    A pleasant and fulfilled attitude feels nice

    but it only takes a glance from someone

    or a word from another to ruin the moment.

    There is a guarantee attached to life that if you build

    a great and lofty tower to self-esteem and a name for yourself

    it will crack, it will shift and it will come crashing down.

    So if you find yourself standing in the ruble covered in dust

    if your dream has come crashing to the ground ask yourself a question. Why did you build yourself up to be so high and so mighty.

    © 2016 Huw
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.