so hopeless

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by marjoke, Apr 6, 2012.

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  1. marjoke

    marjoke Account Closed

    it doesn't make any sense anymore...
    staying here...
    why should I?
    what's my purpose here since ...?
    i am not usefull on this stupid world...fuck the world...fuck myself...fuck everything...
    no one cares if I live or die...i don't care either...
    no one cares i have this terrible pain day after day again...i'm just all by myself...on my own...
    it's all so hopeless...
    why must I suffer every day...?
    i just want to end it!
  2. Arthur

    Arthur Account Closed

    Please marjoke hang on, there's still a place for you in our society, you just have to give yourself the chance to be helped.
  3. Baldr

    Baldr Staff Alumni

    I agree with Eric, and the friend I told you about wants to talk to you but is afraid you'll dislike the choice she made.
  4. jxdama

    jxdama Staff Member Safety & Support

    we all care about you!
  5. tony

    tony New Member

    Im turning my depression into anger, probably not the best advice but Im sure working out a lot more
  6. marjoke

    marjoke Account Closed

    I have been anger...i have been sad...I have been in mourn...i have been anything...except I haven't been happy since...
  7. Ldub20

    Ldub20 Well-Known Member

    I know life is bullshit, but I hate to see you suffer. If I could make your suffering go away I would. I don't know if I'll be around much longer but I'd like for you to stick around.
  8. marjoke

    marjoke Account Closed

    if I could...I would take all the suffer from all the people on my shoulders...but i can't... I can barely carry my own sorrows...I'm drawning in it...and it is very hard to try to go's a daily struggle...I don't know how long I still can...
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