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So I figured some things out...

Sorry if this on the wrong topic but it does deal with relationship issues.

I've just realized and became aware of how jaded of a person I am towards women. I have high expectations but i've learned that they are highly unrealistic.

After seeing tons of my friends getting engaged married, watching youtube videos of people getting engaged (trigger), and how couples talk to each other, i'm more convinced that a relationship could in fact exist.

However, I am still in the phase of not opening up to any woman of any kind. PERIOD. I understand that ladies want to know about men on the inside/emotionally so they can connect and be there with each other but I see it as a woman trying to dig into as much information as possible to find leverage against me in a future fight/argument to establish complete control over me.

I say these things because in the last 2 relationships, the women were crazy and control freaks. It's not much but some kind of progress.


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Well, women want to get to know you, because they don't want to marry someone they don't even know. When you first start out with someone, you don't have to tell your life story to them, you just have to tell them the basic stuff about you, and as time goes on, and you get more comfortable with them, it will be easier to tell her the deeper things about you, and she will do the same with you.

Past relationships have definetly altered your view on women, but not all women are like that, but as you know, there are some. You have to find the right person that wants to get to know you, but not control you. But it takes time in a relationship, and don't get scared off when women want to get to know you.


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I think u r right, and I don't blame about your decision not to involve at the moment with girls, and the fact that girls are mean and all.
I agree, most of them are totally bitches and they use u if they can and act controlling.
But still not all of them are that bad as u think they are.
U should continue searching .....
After all we need to be with someone , no one likes to end up alone ....
I can assure you that there is a good girls out there.
U just started, 2gf u r making experience ....


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They think they want to know everything about you but then they find too much and it's your fault for putting that burden on them. I don't want to put you off all women though, maybe there's a trick to how much you tell them even if they demand to know more (and they do). I went the opposite of you, I was so desperate for affection I opened up to everyone without much prodding, even when I didn't want to and it's got me nowhere. Even friends have left.

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