So I guess I'm doing pretty terrible.

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  1. Old Haunts

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    Basically, I'm sad everyday. That's nothing new, I've been like this since I was like, 10. But at night it gets worse and I start to dwell on the fact that I don't have any friends. And I mean I that I don't have ANY friends, not that I have a few friends. I have nobody. And I hate when strangers tell me it'll get better and that "it's okay." Because it won't get better and it's so fucking not okay. And I want to die so badly, every second thought I have.

    But I have this dumb ass fucking fear about the afterlife and whether it exists. And that fear is the only thing keeping me alive and I'm trying so hard to get over it.
    Even my Grandma said "I'm not going to tell you not to do it, people who commit suicide piss me off."

    It's maybe time to let go for real. For real, for real.
  2. jamesonnk

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    I'm not going to tell you it's going to be ok because I know better than anything that that doesn't help at all. There was a time when I was a suicidal outcast who stayed in her room and lived within the internet. It wasn't very long ago. The scars on my wrist won't go away but my urges did little by little. Sometimes, I still find myself wondering what would happen if I just had gone a little farther.... The truth is, the concept of the afterlife is really fucking scary. I mean, for God's sake, what the hell is it? Not long ago, I had absolutely NO friends either, so I undersand that. I understand that by NO you mean absolutely zero. Sometimes, it's really hard to find someone who isn't an asshole. I just want you to know that things might get better. Im not saying they will because I don't know. But I truelly think they will because sometimes, you've only got so much more to lose. Please, stay a little longer. I know it doesn't help but I would be haply to talk to you anytime. I am really wishing the very best for you.
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