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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Entity, Sep 8, 2009.

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  1. Entity

    Entity Well-Known Member

    I started not eating very well abouta little over a year ago.. i was 197 pounds at my heaviest. and i was 13 years old. Now i am 15 and i weigh about 138 pounds? I started not eating or drinking but every other day at the least.. i've skipped up to 4 days.. i've been through hell trying to stay awake and stop blacking out.. I feel so fat all the time.. everytime i eat, i gain 5 million pounds and then i can't eat for set amount of time.. i want to be pretty.. i want to be skinny like other girls.. I want to be able to have confindence to be able to talk to people and i think maybe if i like my body.. if i get skinny and i become pretty.. maybe i will have that confidence.. but it's affecting my health doing this.. but everytime i eat i feel so sick.. i feel like i'm going to purge and i don't understand it.. :( can you help me?
  2. Remedy

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    I can only really speak from experience here, I used to be the same. Feeling fat all the time, not eating. Then I started lots of different diets. I've found that eating more and exercising will get you the body you want faster than starving yourself. Finally the days I don't feel heavy outweigh the days I do and I'm eating quite a lot (low carb though). If you don't eat you'll obsess about it more.. and then you'll reach your goal weight and keep going.. because it's become the focus point of your life.
    Do you have days where you eat an abnormal amount between starving?
  3. total eclipse

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    Your body won't loose weight if you stop eating because it will store everything as it knows you are starving it. The best way to loose weight is to eat properly and do exercise the weight will come off faster. Can you talk to your teacher or councillor about this they will help you. Talk with your doctor too he or she can give you a proper diet to follow. Exercise is the best way to loose weight and having smaller meals not eliminating them. take care
  4. anhedonia

    anhedonia Member

    Yes, as someone who's just coming out of years and years of the binge-purge cycle - let me tell you, DON'T starve yourself. Seriously. Once your body gets used to not being deprived, you'll be able to eat normally AND NOT gain weight
  5. Rose24

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    Hun you need to keep drinking!! Fluid pushes fluid so you won’t gain by drinking water, please remember that. If you go without water for as little as 3 days you will dehydrate very soon and die I under stand the pressures you put on yourself to be thin but you have to remember that if you do it by starving, when you eventually go back to eating you be bigger than when you started because your body will have gone into “starvation mode”

    The reason you feel physically sick after eating is probably because your stomach has shrunk so it gets really full even though you’ve only eaten a little. Purging is more psychological than physical.
  6. Petal

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    Hey Katie,

    You have been given great advice ^^

    All I can add is , tell your psych about yout issues with food hun :hug:
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